Cuts could put a dent in CO Meals on Wheels program

Cuts could put a dent in CO Meals on Wheels program

"And I ask them, 'What would you do without this meal?' And I had one gentleman say, 'I'd starve", Meals on Wheels volunteer Sandra Narron said Tuesday. Let's look at the evidence.

There's been a lot of teeth gnashing over President Donald Trump's recently released "skinny budget", and especially over its proposed domestic spending cuts.

"We can't spend money on programs just because they sound good, meals on wheels sounds great".

About 600 meals are handmade in the Meals on Wheels kitchen every weekday.

"This year, we're serving more consumers than we have in the history of our AAA - transportation, meals, in-home services, legal aid, caregiver support and our longterm care ombudsman, which is a big part of our work", Veitch said.

In Montrose, Senior CommUnity Meals delivers frozen meals three days a week.

Iseminger also anxious other programs the center provides could suffer, such as activities, health services, the resource team and transportation aid. Clearly, federal funding for the national program office isn't the linchpin for its success.

The plan would cut funding entirely to several agencies and programs that help fund Meals on Wheels just to name a few. Here in Stanislaus County, Meals on Wheels supports local seniors aged 60 and over by providing excellent meals in a home delivery system.

President Trump's proposed budget cuts might impact seniors who benefit from Meals on Wheels. "Right now, we don't have waiting lists for any of our services, but if there are significant cuts, we will have to do that".

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Now, what about the assumption, explicit or implicit, that the program has not achieved "results"?

Eyewitness News reached out to Monroe County Head Start's executive director.

"I would feel let down if anything happened to it", Meals on Wheels recipient Mabel Cosby said. They found eight studies, two of which were randomized controlled trials.

News4Jax hosted phone bank Tuesday night and $5,710 was raised for the Aging True's Meals on Wheels program. "And they all understand that it makes more sense if these individuals can stay at home, living with independence and dignity". They set me up with some bloodwork.

"We provide a public health service to a demographic that, not only isn't going away, but is growing", Hulett said.

Saying that you want better evidence is different from saying that there is no evidence, though. Will the Older Americans Act Nutrition Program be affected?

The White House has denied that Meals on Wheels will be impacted as much as the media is claiming. I am retired from the railroad and I wish more of my retired railroad friends would come on down to volunteer here. Some claim that those at the top of his administration want to eliminate the program, which serves elderly people who don't have the money or ability to cook for themselves anymore. The program is situated in one of Memphis' most economically depressed neighborhoods and teaches the arts as a way for youth to overcome poverty and crime.

"This program also provides a social contact".