Protesters rally against GOP's health care plan in Memphis

Protesters rally against GOP's health care plan in Memphis

As Vox notes, the manager's amendment does not even attempt to fix the core problems with the widely unpopular legislation. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, said his boss "shares (governors') concerns about the need to protect the Medicaid expansion population and give governors more flexibility to ensure they can design programs that meet the needs of their states".

Conservative-leaning members have been especially irked since Obamacare expanded Medicaid to 11 million able-bodied adults without children.

The debate over health insurance in America comes down to this: Which will we be: a nation that provides all its citizens affordable health care or a country that views its people's health as an issue of Darwinian economic survival? The groups claimed that as originally written, AHCA could have allowed taxpayer money to fund abortions.

Lawmakers in Washington, D.C. are considering a bill that would drive up health care costs for Iowans ages 50- 64 by thousands of dollars a year.

The legislation would, among other things, nix the fine put in place for people who don't carry insurance, replace income-based subsidies with tax credits based on age and cap federal funding to Medicaid.

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Cassidy reportedly warned of the effects of Republicans passing a bill to replace Obamacare that would result in some Americans losing coverage. Democrats should take that opening and offer proposals to improve the Affordable Care Act.

At least one New York Republican who wavered on the bill, Rep. Claudia Tenney, said the amendment would make her likely to support the legislation if it's included in the final bill.

Trump calls the House legislation "a great plan" and says there will be "bidding by insurance companies like you've never seen before". "It's the House leadership that's not open to negotiations", said Representative Raul Labrador. Their votes will tell voters what - and who - they value most. John Barrasso did offer a tepid endorsement, saying the plan was an "important first step" and that the CBO estimates don't tell the full story of what Congress and the White House will do to help Americans buy insurance. He told CNN the change would help bring along other members of his state's delegation who are now wavering on the bill. This bill will affect the health of a nation, our nation, each of us and our families for generations.

Verma, who was confirmed last week by the Senate largely along party lines in a 55-43 vote, has close ties to Vice President Mike Pence, having designed a conservative Medicaid expansion in IN during Pence's tenure there as governor.