Trump, Merkel to hold joint press conference

Trump, Merkel to hold joint press conference

The president has been deeply critical of foreign trade and national security agreements but suggested he was only trying to revise trade deals to better serve US interests, rather than pull back from the world entirely.

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The White House conceded Friday that the administration, through Spicer and National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, spoke with May's government but the Trump team denied it extended an apology to Downing Street. And though Trump regularly dismissed America's traditional alliances during his run to the presidency, he has been more conciliatory to America's staunchest allies, including England, Japan and Germany, since entering the White House.

United States President Donald Trump took to twitter to express his rant against the media, stating that despite its?fake news? reports, his meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel was?GREAT?. They're holding a joint news conference this afternoon; if tensions between them were as bad as this clip makes them look, presumably that would have been canceled.

Mr Trump deflected criticism about Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who on Thursday repeated a charge that a British intelligence agency had helped Mr Obama wiretap Mr Trump. He also said that the European country is on track with this defense spending, and that no money was meant to be paid to the U.S.

Despite Germany not always having the exact military spending priorities the USA has sought, there does not appear to be any mechanism in North Atlantic Treaty Organisation by which the U.S. could force Germany to pay more, let alone force Germany to retroactively hand over "vast sums of money" to the United States or North Atlantic Treaty Organisation in general.

Mrs Merkel said Germany was committed to increasing its defence spending. Trump and Navarro think this is a choice Germany is making about the United States, not an obligation that is now part of the very fabric of its political and economic system. But he failed to mention that Russian Federation is the one responsible for the instability there, raising alarms all across Eastern Europe.

However, the opposition party in Germany has denounced Mr. Trump as a hatemonger. "We need to be fair to each other". "I am a trader".

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But Merkel argues that protectionist trade policies would hurt the overall economies of both countries, and highlights German companies like Volkswagen AG that have opened factories in the US.

Merkel was looking to Trump - who has said he wants to reset his relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin - to ease concerns within Europe that the USA could abandon efforts to pressure Moscow into changing course.

Those comments appeared aimed at making a case to Trump on the benefits of the European Union.

Mr. Trump and Ms. Merkel's first face-to-face meeting is expected to focus on trade, another area where Germans are concerned about the effect of the president's get-tough policies.

The two leaders certainly have hugely contrasting ideas and leadership styles.

Republicans in Congress also said Trump should retract his claims. Angela Merkel is in Washington for her encounter with Donald Trump after months of preparation and one postponement due to a blizzard on the East Coast. He said the leaders had had "very good" talks so far, while Merkel praised the "friendly reception".

"Sometimes compromises are hard", the chancellor stressed, but added that reaching them is why politicians are elected for.