Google, Lenovo and HTC are making virtual reality headsets

What do you think of Google's VR efforts?

These devices, made by companies including HTC and Lenovo and supposed to launch this year, will deliver standalone VR experiences.

In addition, Bavor also announced additional hardware support for Daydream, the company's existing mobile VR platform. Everything from the screen, the optics, the ergonomics, and the performance characteristics are tailored for the best possible VR experience. Finally, Google announced HTC, maker of the famous HTC Vive, will be making a standalone DayDream headset as well as Lenovo, which helped Google with Project Tango.

The new Zenfone AR phone will roll out this summer. Samsung's decision to make its technology compatible with Google's is noteworthy considering Samsung sells a competing mobile VR headset, the Gear VR, which requires Samsung smartphones to operate. Ousterhout Design Group (ODG) was the first company to reveal a product based on the Snapdragon 835 VR SoC. It's a standalone headset, meaning you don't have to connect it to a PC or any other device, which comes with the added benefit of being wireless. These headsets feature all of the necessary technology built into the device, eliminating the need to insert a phone or run a cable to a PC. Oculus is also working an inside-out tracking headset.

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It has been a year since Google announced Daydream - its own virtual reality platform.

With Google's new standalone headset, the computing, the power, the display, and the lenses are all Incorporated directly into the headset.

While this isn't a HTC Vive 2 announcement, it's a glimpse of what we could expect to see with rumors of a wireless PC-powered headset doing the rounds.