North Korean hackers are 'stealing bitcoin' to evade sanctions

North Korean hackers are 'stealing bitcoin' to evade sanctions

UN Secretary General António Guterres [official website] welcomed the resolution stating [UN News Centre report] that "This firm action by the Security Council sends a clear message that the DPRK must comply fully with its global obligations".

"We hope UNSC members will come to a consensus through full consultations and will send out the voice of unity and solidarity", Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang said at regular press conference Monday.

The fear is that outside influences have provided North Korea with equipment or expertise that has moved them closer to becoming a nuclear nation.

So far, sanctions have done little to slow North Korea's relentless progress in developing nuclear arms. Pyongyang carried out its sixth and strongest nuclear test on September 3, claiming it successfully detonated a hydrogen bomb that can tip a ballistic missile.

Despite the impending vote on potentially painful economic sanctions, the atmosphere in Pyongyang over the weekend was one of celebration.

As for North Koreans working overseas, the USA mission said a cutoff on new work permits will eventually cost North Korea about $500 million a year once current work permits expire.

Defense Minister Song Young-moo told the South Korean parliament a few days ago that Seoul should consider tactical nuclear armament as a means to deter and react to North Korea's threats effectively.

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"We don't worry very much", said another shop worker, Ri Jong Ok. Kim Jong-un seems to be daring Donald Trump to go to war and nothing that has been done so far has altered his behavior. This in turn makes it more hard for the United States to negotiate for limited aims, such as a freeze on new kinds of missile technology or nuclear weapons development, while strengthening North Korea's hand in negotiations on more weighty issues like a peace treaty or denuclearization.

The US wanted a complete ban on oil exports to North Korea, immediate end to employment of an estimated 93,000 of its citizens overseas, forcible boarding of ships trading with that country to check for contraband, and restrictions on UN.

China and Russian Federation had called for a resolution focused on a political solution to the escalating crisis over North Koreas nuclear program. "If it proves it can live in peace, the world will live in peace with it", she told the Security Council after the council adopted the new sanctions.

A number of European Union countries including Britain are calling for the expulsion of North Korean workers posted in Europe, saying the revenue they generate is used to fund the nuclear programme. The report estimated North Korea may have enough in reserve to supply its military for a year of normal operations or a month at a wartime pace.

And the US ambassador, Nikki Haley, says the resolution is meant to starve the regime of the money it needs to develop its nuclear and missile programs.

"The textile sanctions actually might have more impact, as they are probably a good source of value-added income - value added by people you don't have to pay much - for the regime", he said.