NBA Draft Lottery: Celtics, Suns seek top pick

NBA Draft Lottery: Celtics, Suns seek top pick

Yet, the next responsibility for Harris amounts to little more than waiting - and hoping.

Representing the Wolves at the draft lottery two years ago in NY were Taylor and wife Becky, and they got the No. 1 pick and took Towns from Kentucky. It would not be surprising to see the two teams engage in a swap right on NBA Draft night, so stay tuned as the plot thickens for these two up-and-coming franchises.

How do you feel about a 2.9 percent chance of hitting it big? With Tom Thibodeau coaching the team, and their young core developing, they have plenty of options if they win the lottery. So while the Magic are still waiting to see where their pick lands, they have to be planning for every eventuality. The Lakers jumped from fourth in the lottery standings to second by the kindness of the pingpong balls and selected D'Angelo Russell second overall. Currently, Orlando has the 5th best odds of landing the number one overall pick after finishing the season with a 29-53 record.

The boom-or-bust potential for the Lakers in the lottery has grown familiar in recent years.

In addition to their own pick, the Magic will have something else to watch out for: how the Los Angeles Lakers fare.

The Lakers had a shot at bettering their chance for a top-three pick during the season.

Marcus Smart: Marcus Smart steps up in Game 7 win
This especially was evidenced in Game 7, as Washington only received five points from its bench and none in the second half. All 11 games between these teams in the regular season and postseason - all physical affairs - were won by the home team.

Popular center Joel Embiid will represent the Sixers onstage Tuesday in NY. And if the Los Angeles Lakers (third-best odds at 15.6 percent, 31.3 percent) fall out of the top three, that pick goes to Philadelphia. The Suns sent the pick to Philadelphia in 2015 as part of a three-team trade through which they acquired Brandon Knight. Will it be elation of dejection for the Lakers?

The NBA Draft Lottery is set for May 16, just before the beginning of Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals. "We also have a plan that we don't".

"You know, if you go on with a team like I have for so long, if that's what it takes, I guess that's what it takes. But this particular moment was notably bad because the Mavericks had traded their pick to Boston (which ended up getting Antoine Walker) and dropped the Mavericks three spots to the Celtics" pick (ninth). They have a 64.3 percent chance of a top-3 pick and a 25 percent chance at No. 1. In 2013, the Celtics traded Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett to the Brooklyn Nets, along with Jason Terry and D.J.

Breaking up The Big Three might hand the Boston Celtics the top pick in the 2017 NBA Draft. Hopefully, they will have better luck this time around. They already have been moving full speed ahead with No. 13 in mind through global scouting, a week at the National Basketball Association combine and countless of hours studying film and available data.

The odds say that Celtics fans are going to be disappointed again on Tuesday night.