Maricopa County leads nation in annual population growth

Maricopa County leads nation in annual population growth

The state of Utah as a whole is believed to be growing its population at a rate about double the national average, mostly due to "natural growth" that comes with having more births than deaths.

Oakland's gain in 2016 was more than double the 1,583 people who entered the county in 2015, according to Census figures.

Elgin had net migration losses to other parts of the country. The metro area's population grew 12.8 percent since 2010.

In the last decade, the county's population grew about 24.3 percent compared to a growth of about 31 percent from 2001 to 2010 when the county's population boomed from about 125,000 to 163,000.

As baby boomers age, USA deaths in some regions are expected to rise, which could be contributing to some of the population dips, too.

Of the state's seven big counties, though, Duval had the third-highest growth rate.

Between July 1, 2015 and July 1, 2016, Maricopa gained 81,360 people-about 222 people daily.

"Our issue countywide is lack of jobs", said Cobleskill Mayor Linda Holmes.

The district of Assemblyman Pete Lopez, R-Schoharie, stretches all the way to the Hudson River. Wood County and Hancock County saw population jumps of 613 and 138 people, respectively. The area added the 23rd-most people, more than Boston but fewer than Minneapolis.

The Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX and Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land, TX metro areas were the two largest numeric-gaining metro areas between 2015 and 2016, increasing by more than 100,000 each.

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Wayne County's one-year decline was similar to the 7,857 who left the year before.

Maricopa County includes Phoenix and most of its suburbs and has an estimated population topping 4.2 million. While there is availability to develop in northern Lake County, it is more landlocked, he said.

"I think, ten years from now". "They're recognizing there are real opportunities here, and a great quality of life".

The problem is that there aren't enough jobs. The Census Bureau says 43,189 residents moved into Maricopa from other areas of the United States.

College counties helped too, Kinghorn said.

The center frequently reports on economic conditions for the region and state.

The population growth has coincided with improvements in the economy. Grand Rapids continued to grow more than any other metro area, with 8,762 new residents. Madison County now has an estimated 256,800 people, down more than 3,500 since 2010. It does add up over time, but it's slow and steady. The growth continues to strain the region's housing supply and transportation infrastructure, pushing housing prices higher and putting more cars on increasingly congested roads.

Since 2010, Washtenaw has shown the fastest population growth in southeastern MI, growing almost 5.5 percent or by 19,141 residents. "One of the biggest factors in our growth is the medical community".

"We are hoping everyone gets involved in the census so we are not missing anyone", Sandusky County Charlie Schwochow said Thursday.

"Bentonville and Northwest Arkansas in general is a place where people have a reasonable chance of success if they're willing to work hard and they come with certain skill sets", said Troy Galloway, Bentonville's director of community and economic development.