In the current: Trump is welcomed into office by protests, marches

In the current: Trump is welcomed into office by protests, marches

It's about telling Trump and his administration that all the people he insulted throughout his campaign are also humans that deserve rights and protections in a "great" America. Trump's approval ratings are low, at 37 percent on Inauguration Day itself.

Old rifts between Black women organizers and the white feminist movement began to arise soon after the idea for the Women's March on Washington was announced. I called out "thank you!" to a burly, armed, shaved-head soldier, and he called back with a big grin, "Say hi to my mom - she's there too somewhere".

My cousin once told me that.

For 15 years, as a cameraman, writer and producer with NBC News, I sat on the front line of many struggles.

Yet, I felt a battle inside of me. I am saying white feminism centers around white women. But, before you write an impassioned speech beginning with "Webster's Dictionary defines racism as...", remember the difference between someone attacking white women and someone attacking people of color. If we agreed on nothing else, we agreed that women had value and Trump would harm them; that alone was enough reason to march. Some people brought homemade signs to the Reno Women's March on Washington. White feminists condemned African-American, LGBTQ, and Muslim activists who dared to speak up when their interests were forgotten or ignored, creating what critics called "conflict".

A supporter of President Trump attempts to put out a fire started by protestors on the corner of 13th Street and K Street in Washington, D.C. on Friday, Jan. 20, 2017. If you're a white woman thinking, "What's next?"

The protesters were a diverse group, but came together to protest what they see as a misogynistic man and movement in Trump.

The group of people who helped get Trump elected have a unique and, frankly, unequal responsibility to do this. At the rally, Michael Moore said that, when a reporter asked him what he hoped the Women's March would accomplish, "If you just look that way [pointing out to the crowd], we've already accomplished it". "That's why I'm here to exist in this space and I feel like that's revolutionary, to be a black woman and to exist as I do, especially in spaces like these". And I want him to know that it is important to stand up for what you believe in. Women after all, form one half of humanity. It is essential we choose language carefully in order to avoid making blanket statements that insinuate womanhood is contingent on having certain sexual organs. Of white women voters, some 45% with college degrees went for Trump, along with 62% of non-college graduates.

And I marched for that friend of mine, the Twitter commenter. I regret letting my own privilege stand in the way of me fully understanding the repercussions attending such a demonstration could have on someone.

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"It was awesome", Lamberty said. It was humbling to be in the presence of so many strong individuals who showed a commitment to equality. Time spend defending yourself on an issue you actually support is time wasted. So, basically, what did I expect? Black people do not get equal treatment from the police. We are always seen as a threat. Although I highly respected the goal and shared the sentiment of those who partook, I didn't feel personally motivated to protest an event that had occurred on the opposite side of the country as I sat in class that morning. It would be integral for white women to remember that feminism that is not intersectional nor inclusive of all identities is not true feminism. They are not automatically racialized as violent and they are allowed to prove themselves worthy of peaceful treatment.

Lucas was more detailed, adding that it was "certainly not my intent to make light of domestic violence or violence towards women". Under the Presidency of a megalomaniac, marching takes on a new meaning.

Let us not allow negative, toxic comments from anyone to dampen the momentum and promise shown by women from all over our handsome country who are working together to help America reach its full potential.

"It was just massive, people kept coming, they had to shut down several metro stations".

100,000 of those were in London, and there were marches in solidarity from Iraq to Antarctica.

"We march today for the moral core of this nation, against which our new president is waging a war", actress America Ferrera said, addressing the crowd in Washington.

"The buzz surrounding the planning of this march just kind of felt like a pulling-back-the-curtains kind of moment, and it was kind of a time where we're regrouping, it was a hopeful time, and that's what I felt and that's why I booked a last-minute ticket to fly out to D.C., I felt like I had to be a part of it", Huber said.

Veronica Marquez is a sophomore communication and ethnic studies major. "You don't represent me", she says.