Trump Signs Executive Actions On Wall, Stripping Funding From Sanctuary Cities

Trump Signs Executive Actions On Wall, Stripping Funding From Sanctuary Cities

Trump also signed another executive order Wednesday - this one aimed at advancing the U.S. - Mexico border wall which was a key promise in his 2016 campaign. Under my leadership as Mayor, the City of Portland will remain a welcoming, safe place for all people regardless of immigration status.

President Donald Trump signed an order Wednesday that he said would "crack down on sanctuary cities" by withholding federal grant money.

What makes Philly a sanctuary city?


Sanctuary communities typically refuse to cooperate with federal immigration authorities.

Trump will meet Wednesday with so-called angel moms, parents of children who were killed by undocumented immigrants, The Washington Post reported.

A proposed $2.6 million fund for the public defender to devote 10 lawyers to immigration cases was shot down by Mayor Lee in December, whose spokesperson said at the time, "At the end of the day, community-based organizations are already doing this work, and we should be building on their success".

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Immigration enforcement is a federal responsibility. More than 360 US counties fall under this category, including 39 cities, according to a report from the New York Times.

While there is no legal definition for the term, these cities typically tell police not to inquire about immigration status, or they decline requests from immigration officials to keep non-violent defendants in custody while they await deportation. The orders come shortly after the president repeated false claims that illegal immigrants contributed to the last election - despite all evidence indicating otherwise.

Federal grants support areas such as education, community redevelopment and transportation projects in New Haven, according to the mayor. The president's order to accelerate deportation of undocumented immigrants includes a prioritization of individuals with "chargeable criminal offenses", meaning that even lawful longtime permanent residents who have been alleged by ICE to have committed a minor misdemeanor could be prioritized for deportation depending on how the Secretary of Homeland Security chooses to interpret the statute. "I think it's very clear this country can not tolerate sanctuary cities that break the law and the governments that support sanctuary cities are, I don't believe, going to be getting to be getting federal assistance from much of anything until they end up abiding by the law".

This could not only impact funding for the police, but take away funding for transportation and other big projects. Denver, for example, may have $175 million at stake. His executive order on sanctuary cities will strip them from funding. For instance, Huntington Park has never declared itself a sanctuary city but appointed two people without legal status to a city commission, a move that generated national attention.

"I think to limit it, yeah, why not?" he said, "But do another alternative because they're still humans, and they need somewhere to go, you know?" In a speech at the Department of Homeland Security, Trump said his executive actions show that "beginning today", the USA will get back "control of its border". Federal courts require that the cuts in federal aid be related to whatever issue the government is trying to address.

Denver, Aurora and Boulder all have policies of not enforcing immigration law.