Palestinian government deplores Israeli "confiscation" of thousands of acres in West Bank

Palestinian government deplores Israeli

Lawmakers have threatened to defund the United Nations.

France will inform the parties about the worldwide community's collective support and concrete contribution to the two-State solution contained in this joint declaration. However, this is not the case. Israel is eager to finding a lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, ideally based on a two-state agreement. Among the claims are that it predetermines negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, prevents Israelis from visiting Jewish holy sites, and changes the legal status of the West Bank.

It appears that the persistent criticism of McCully's sponsoring of the anti-Israel UN Resolution 2334 has hit a nerve. Then the British came here and in 1840 the Treaty of Waitangi was signed bringing Aotearoa into the British Empire, and was followed by proactive settlement of British colonialists in what was to become known as New Zealand.

This was in return for land swaps to compensate the Palestinians for the above 2 per cent. The result was peace with Egypt, and constant rocket attacks from Gaza. What exactly does this say about the resolution and the "spirit of unanimity" that McCully takes cover behind, particularly in light of its subsequent bipartisan rejection by the House of Representatives? Most Jews do not consider these areas "occupied".

After the 1967 war a United Nations resolution called for Israel to give back "territories" (but not all of the territories) it had acquired. In fact, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his coalition have taken a hard line against the Palestinian Authority, partially in response to the continued threat of terrorism but also to placate their constituents on the far right.

Avraham Nir-Feldklein, deputy chief of the Israeli Embassy in Berlin, said in a statement shared on Israel's Facebook page that Israelis were moved and thankful for the support from both the government and people of Berlin. However, Arafat turned it all down.

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The two-state solution refers to a political deal in which Israel and a Palestinian state exist next to each other.

No Israeli sources were immediately available to comment on the statement. Since Israeli companies do not distinguish between Israel and the West Bank, such language gives a strategic boost to the global BDS Movement, which seeks to delegitimize Israel and attempts to promote a campaign against Israel.

Even before the US election, there was serious discussion in the administration about publicly setting forth the parameters for a two-state solution, which had emerged from prior negotiations and mediation.

Twenty-three years ago, when the Oslo agreement was announced, I did not share others' "Oslo euphoria". I have watched the Obama administration sit on its hands as Israel continues to be bullied by the worldwide community. This is the summit that Israel isn't going to. I am sincerely dismayed by this thought, as the loser in such a scenario will be Israel.

"Indefinite occupation and democracy are incompatible, and outside pressure is needed to force Israel to make the right choice", the JVP said.

As the 115th Congress begins, I will continue to support legislation that strengthens our relationship with Israel.