Betsy DeVos Supports Same-Sex Marriage, Spokesman Says

Betsy DeVos Supports Same-Sex Marriage, Spokesman Says

While the Democratic senators that make up the Senate's Health, Education, Labor and Pensions committee have said they will vote no during DeVos' confirmation on January 31, no Republican senator has suggested they will vote against her nomination, indicating DeVos is likely to be confirmed, says The Washington Post.

"And if there's grizzly bears!" an audience member added, referring to DeVos' confirmation hearing comment that a school in Wyoming might need to keep a gun on hand "to protect from potential grizzlies". "Several of the picks have been, frankly, scoffers of the agency".

It is not clear where Maine's senior senator, Republican Susan Collins, stands on the DeVos nomination, but her office said she would also be voting in support of Chao, as well as Sen.

DeVos has never been involved in public schools. This is not an attack on public schools; this is about making sure every child has the opportunity to succeed, no matter their community or background. A resolution was then proposed, raising talk about DeVos' credentials as well as an opinion that the board should not take a stand on a political issue.

"I've got to tell you, I have no idea what Trump is talking about in terms of re-opening NAFTA", Murray said.

Some have criticized DeVos for being a woman of Christian faith as she described how she finds God's objective in her daily work.

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But she is unhappy with Trump's choice for secretary. In education, choice is - nine times out of 10 - a euphemism for vouchers and charter schools. She understands that parents, not the educational establishment, know what is best for their kids and has dedicated much of her life to ensuring that each student has access to the best educational environment so they can be successful in school and after graduation. During her initial round of questioning by senators, she demonstrated her lack of knowledge of public education by her inability to answer key questions.

A believer that parents and teachers in the classroom make the best decisions for their students, DeVos has fought to improve conventional public schools while simultaneously expanding alternative school options. Warren is absolutely right: since DeVos can't answer basic questions about education topics, provide assurance that all schools will be of an equivalent high quality, or that all students will be treated safely and fairly, she is a bad choice to be Secretary of Education. Nor did she know how Pell grants, funded by the Department of Education to help college students, work. "Public education has lifted millions out of poverty, has put millions in good paying jobs, and has been the launching pad for people who went on to cure disease and to create inventions that have changed our society for the better".

Just look at Washington.

Ms. DeVos does not support the equal rights of students with disabilities to receive a Free and Appropriate Public Education as outlined in IDEA. The recently elected state superintendent, Chris Reykdal, studied social studies education but spent the most of his time as a finance administrator and a budget and revenue analyst.

"For our family to have the same opportunities that your [wealthier] families have, when it comes to education, is handsome", he said.