Amazon Prime Day: 5 Ways to ensure you get the best deals

Amazon Prime Day: 5 Ways to ensure you get the best deals

If the thought of buying refurbished makes you nervous, this model is backed by a 1-year warranty.

The heavily promoted day of discounts limited to customers in Amazon's Prime membership program, first held in 2015 to commemorate the company's 20th anniversary, returns this year on Tuesday.

You will need an Amazon Prime account to take advantage of the deals, though.

Driving sales of Alexa equipped devices. You'll just have to check back and see. Otherwise, we recommend signing up for a free Prime trial for access to all the deals.

-Amazon Prime's original programming like The Man in the High Castle, Transparent and Catastrophe. Voice shoppers will also have early access to some Prime Day deals two hours before the general public beginning July 10. More than 100 deals only available to voice shoppers were made available starting Wednesday - almost a week before Prime Day, Amazon said.

Don't wait until July 10 to start shopping, though.

For example, you can receive four months of unlimited music for 99 cents.

This year, Amazon guarantees the markdown day will highlight countless arrangements for Prime individuals. We expect copycat deals from different retailers nearby July 11 as a feature of a midsummer deal period that is come to be known as Black Friday in July.

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Watch-a-Deal - Deal watching on the Amazon App expands globally. That's a full 30 hours of non-stop discounts.

Amazon says that new deals will go live as often as every five minutes during the event.

This deal is only available to people streaming video on Amazon Prime for the first time on an eligible device.

As usual, sellers and entrepreneurs from around the world will offer thousands of deals on items ranging from electronics, toys, household goods and apparels.

Plenty of items will be on sale for the big day, including some themes. This means, if you are an Amazon Prime user, you can participate in the sale.

Alexa: OK, so Alexa is slightly creepy, but she could be your key to scoring the best deals this year. What sets Amazon apart, though, is its integration with the Echo. Amazon Channels costs nothing on its own, but is only accessible to Amazon Prime (or exclusively Prime Video) subscribers.

Download the Amazon app. The website recommends making a list of upcoming deals you're interested in and scouting around the web for competing prices. This is yet another benefit to subscribing to Amazon's paid service for guaranteed two-day shipping on all eligible orders. Its hardware has made Amazon inescapable with Alexa always waiting, listening for a new request.