Senate health care bill vote postponed, see for yourself what's in it

Senate health care bill vote postponed, see for yourself what's in it

"For us it's never been about the timeline", she told reporters. Lawmakers in those states are wary of rescinding the benefits to their constituents and facing a tougher road to re-election. He has taken one of the most dramatic stands in opposition against the bill, announcing last week that it would be "very difficult" for Senate leaders to get his support.

DAVIS: You know, this is the challenge that McConnell faced.

"We are going to continue the discussions within our conference on the differences that we have that we'll continue to try to litigate", McConnell told reporters. "We can rewrite our bill to bring down the price working families pay for health insurance - while still protecting Americans with pre-existing conditions", he said.

Only 17% of Americans in a recent survey said they approve of the Senate health care bill.

Alaska's Lisa Murkowski said Republicans weren't ready to make a decision this week. That policy "wasn't good enough for the Democrats", but it was good enough for her, he said.

The bill also maintains for two years the tax credits included in Obamacare to help lower-income Americans purchase coverage, but eventually transitions that program into one which provides fewer subsidies.

The House went through its own struggles with its version of the bill, pulling it from the floor short of votes before reviving it and narrowly passing it in May. McConnell released his proposal on June 22 after weeks of secret drafting. And we can sit down and talk about improving health care. "This is more than just about health care, as important as that is".

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But the serious negotiating has yet to begin.

"I have not heard back from the leadership with any suggestions for changes", Collins said.

The Senate vote was postponed Tuesday amid a lack of sufficient support for the bill. They need at least 50 votes for passage, as Vice President Mike Pence would break the tie in favor of the measure. "We Will Work Harder".

Moderate Republicans who have opposed the bill criticised it for stripping protections for the poor and elderly, as well as access to women's health.

"We can't do all that in 48 hours", said Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania. "It's a failed system that needs to be replaced", said Sen.

"The market likes certainty and now there's uncertainty". There may also be some more money dedicated to Medicaid and opioid addiction to attract moderate Republicans, but that would not be enough to shore up the deep cuts to Medicaid.

The bill hit a major roadblock Monday when a non-partisan analysis said it would leave an additional 22 million more Americans without insurance. Do we want medical care to be a right for all (like most Western societies), or do we want to consider it a commodity that you can have if you can afford it? However, the savings would be coming mostly from Medicaid, which the CBO estimates to fall by 26 percent by 2026 as compared to Obamacare.