Here Are the Absolute Best Super Bowl Commercials of 2017 (So Far)

Here Are the Absolute Best Super Bowl Commercials of 2017 (So Far)

This year's Hyundai Super Bowl commercials will blaze new territory.

We know the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots will square off in Super Bowl 51 Sunday in Houston, with the game broadcast drawing over 100 million viewers nationwide. A 1998 FedEx commercial got it right with its "We Apoloigize" commercial, which is considered one of the best Super Bowl ads of all time. These days, most companies that buy Super Bowl ads also carefully arrange a matching digital media campaign that can draw millions of additional viewers. I would not be surprised if there were some great YouTube ads that pop up from these brands around Super Bowl weekend.

"There's a lot more anxiety, self-inflicted anxiety, in the country than there has been ever in the past", said Mike Sheldon, chairman and chief executive of ad agency Deutsch, who created Busch's first-ever Super Bowl ad. However, sometimes the best gems come from some of the relatively more unknown companies, and it can help their respective businesses in a big way. But in the Super Bowl ad for Squarespace, Malkovich finds that someone else has registered, and he can't get it back.

For some products, like Doritos and Budweiser, the "cool" factor of being associated with the Super Bowl results in a short-term spike in sales immediately after the game, said Suri.

The new NFL Super Bowl commercial expands upon last year's "The Super Bowl Babies Choir" spot, which highlighted how every year since 1968 Super Bowl Babies have been born to fans of the winning team.

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Some of the most popular Super Bowl ads of all time are: Apple's "1894", Wendy's "Where's the Beef?", Pepsi's "Cindy Crawford Ad", Budweiser's "Lost Dog", and Volkswagen's "The Force".

Watch out for this ad that shows just how far some people might go to get out of their cell contracts...

And though they were few, there were a couple ads worth celebrating on Sunday night. The CRTC decision is based on one perception - the American ads, which are often expensive and star-studded, are a huge part of the game experience. An NFL ad during the second half will also focus on the game's power to unite people no matter their background. This 90-second ad features a Spanish-speaking mother and her young daughter enduring loads of hardships - jumping on trains, walking long distances, crossing rushing streams - to reach their destination.

84 Lumber's ad had to be reworked after Fox rejected an initial version that featured a border wall, which was in the company's full-length online version.

Here's another big critique for putting USA ads in the game - it's not like they are hidden on the internet. And so they've created ads where real or imagined entrepreneurs are the central characters.