Bill Cosby trial ends in no verdict

Bill Cosby trial ends in no verdict

BLOCK: Right. And news today, as we're reporting with Bobby Allyn from WHYY, that the trial of Bill Cosby on sexual-assault charges has been declared a mistrial.

"Rehearing testimony in this case is revictimization for everyone that's been the victim of sexual assault and rape".

While Gloria Allred is being slammed by some critics, Bill Cosby's accusers are getting support from many people in the entertainment industry.

Bill Cosby's sexual assault trial ended in a mistrial late last night (June 16).

TAYLOR: Unfortunately, while I am disappointed, I am not surprised that you could not find 12 jurors based on the facts and evidence in this case who would convict Bill Cosby of rape. "And I want to thank the jury for their long days".

Cosby remains free on bail.

Steele says his office stands "in awe" of accuser Andrea Constand and believes she deserves a verdict.

However, former Temple University basketball manager Andrea Constand, who accused the comedian of attacking her in 2004, was the only one whose case has gone to trial. In a blistering statement released Saturday (June 17), the 79-year-old comedian's wife lashed out at the D.A, and lawyers for her husband's accusers, while expressing "humungous gratitude" for their supporters. "If the case is retried, know that I will once again put them to the test".

But Allred hit back on behalf of the other Cosby accusers she's representing: "It's too early to celebrate, Mr. Cosby".

A decade later, another district attorney reopened the investigation after his lurid deposition became public, and dozens of women came forward against one of the most beloved stars in all of show business. The jury deliberated over five days and declared they were deadlocked on all three counts against the entertainer.

District attorney Kevin Steele said he plans to take Cosby back to court, and do it as soon as possible.

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He reminded prosecutors and the defence that "a mistrial is neither vindication nor victory for anybody".

He remained stoic as the judge declared a mistrial, but his spokesman Andrew Wyatt declared the star's "power is back".

Read Mrs. Cosby's full statement below. "Heinously and exploitatively ambitious", the statement read.

"Devastated, but more determined", she said.

Tamara Green, the next woman to publicly accuse Cosby after Constand, filed a defamation suit.

"You had your opportunity", he said. Constand said after she took the pills she became foggy and unable to fend off Cosby's alleged sex assault after he led her to a sofa. His lawyers had argued the sex was consensual.

The case has already helped demolish his image as America's Dad, cultivated during his eight-year run as kindly Dr. Cliff Huxtable on the top-rated "The Cosby Show" in the 1980s and '90s.

The first sign of a divide came Thursday morning, they sent a note saying they were deadlocked.

Cosby's lawyers have denied the charges.

McMonagle said he had always felt that this year's trial was unfair.