See the world from a drone's perspective with the new Google Earth

See the world from a drone's perspective with the new Google Earth

Voyager features dozens of themed journeys across the globe, including "Museums around the world", "Earth View", and "Birds of Paradise". It's similar to what you can do via check-in platforms like Yelp and Swarm (and Facebook, even), but Timeline for Google Maps doesn't require a check-in action. There seems to be an excellent selection of tours listed under the list in Voyager. One can search any area on the earth through Google Earth.

You can now quickly access Your Timeline from the place cards of locations or businesses you've previously visited.

At any given place, you can open a Knowledge Card and view images, learn about the history and more.

If you're planning to take a trip, Google Earth can now provide you with trip itineraries created to show you all the best places to visit in cities like London, Tokyo, and Mexico City. A renewed version of Google Earth might bring in some increased functionality from Google Maps, and this might include local listings and also traffic reports.

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Mount Eden as Google Earth sees it. If you're particularly impressed with something, you can tap the new "Camera" icon to instantly share a screencap of your view, alongside a link to its coordinates. You're invited to step inside a Peruvian chuclla, a Bedouin tent and a Greenlandic IIoq, and meet the people who live there.

There are already more than 50 Voyager stories to choose from at present, and more are slated to be added each week.

A new 3D button has also been introduced to the app, which adds the ability to see any place on the map in 3D, a feature only previously available in specially designated locations. If you come across your favorite landmark, then you can share it as a virtual postcard with your friends.

There are new 3D buttons that can be clicked to see locations from any angle. Google Earth responds directly with the answer or what is it thinks is the correct answer to your voice-based search query. The new and improved version of Google Earth brings to the table many new features which allow the users to make use of 3D maps of locations, as well as take guided tours around various places. Out now for desktop and Android, it no longer requires a separate download - it's available directly in Chrome.