NY approves tuition-free college for middle class

NY approves tuition-free college for middle class

Cuomo said Clinton inspired the scholarship during her presidential campaign with the "outrageously ambitious" "irrefutably smart" vision for college affordability.

Matt Rivera nearly dropped out of UB after his freshman year because tuition was too expensive.

NY is set to become the first USA state to make tuition free for students at public state universities and community colleges if they come from low- and middle-income families, a proposal that has been endorsed by former presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders, who promised free college education for all during his campaign. While New York has been the first to make tuition-free college a reality, experts fear that the after-graduation requirement may force students to take underemployment in the city over other jobs elsewhere.

The concept has become popular in other states, like Oregon, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Minnesota - all of which have instituted programs or passed legislation that would cover tuition fees left over after state and federal aid have been provided. If they leave, their scholarship will be converted into a loan. "I just thought the guidelines could have been expanded more to capture more people in it".

UB's current tuition is $6,770 for New York State residents and $23,270 for out-of-state residents. On-campus room and board can run at $12,590 at this year's rates as well. Each year until 2019, the income cap will lift until it reaches $125,000. Lawmakers agreed to include it in the state budget, which was approved by the Assembly on Saturday and by the Senate late Sunday night. It is estimated that approximately 200,000 students will benefit from this new law. If they don't, they'll be required to pay back the tuition money.

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- Students must finish their degrees on time, graduating in two years for an associate degree, or in four years for a bachelor's degree. "It's going to be a waste of time", Adewole said. "I would say I'm skeptical". Cuomo said during a call with state editorial writers. Others say they're anxious about exploding admissions. Private schools that participate in the new financial assistance program for private schools would have to match that funding and promise not to raise the student's tuition during their enrollment.

"I don't think it's that fair", Kim said.

There are four major components to the tuition plan.

NY state has found a way.