Bishop's Easter message New vision and goal for the Church

Bishop's Easter message New vision and goal for the Church

"Many years ago around Easter time I saw someone dressed up like a bunny in the Walmart parking lot and as I was watching I felt like the Lord spoke to me about his people forgetting him", Cantu said.

Easter is a good time to reintroduce others to the literal, bodily resurrection of Jesus as the foundation of the Gospel (1 Corinthians 15:3,4). Please do remember though if it's a good church they are glad you are there regardless of how you can afford to dress!

The first Christians would not understand how the Western world is able to treat the Cross as an empty symbol. It is about Christ's victory over the grave and man finding hope beyond it.

Jesus Christ is believed to take a rebirth on the day he was crusified.

A fourth of self-described Christians in Great Britain believe that Jesus Christ was not resurrected, and nearly a tenth of those with no religious affiliation say not all of the content of the Easter story should be interpreted literally, according to a survey commissioned by BBC for Palm Sunday. The battle for the Bible will never be over until Jesus returns.

And, here is the point I would like to make, Jesus not only allowed this... This developed into the bank holidays that we have today. Nail scars are there to make you aware that He provided the power to get us off the bases.

Rose, Garcia tied for lead at Masters in prelude to finale
For the fourth consecutive gathering at Augusta National Golf Club, Spieth became a fixture on the famous white scoreboards. After an opening-round 75 which featured a quadruple-bogey nine on the 15th, Spieth was 10 shots adrift of leader Hoffman.

We know there is a history-changing triumphant ending only seven days away. Actually, I believe if we are not careful, we can become hardened by the harshness of life and lose our spiritual sensitivity.

"We are here because someone died for us". Easter is about a new life and a second chance. That means if I leave my vehicle in a parking lot I tend to believe it will be there when I get back. Easter eggs are believed to be linked to pagan origins, although some Christians see the egg as representing Jesus Christ who rose from his tomb in the New Testament. Personally, I don't have much use for the other sections, the ones which hold me accountable to Your standards. He then showed them his hands and his side. And, if you can not make that kind of commitment, you can not be my disciple (see Luke 14-25-35). About five hundred years before Jesus, the god Apollo appeared to a woman in Greece and impregnated her, resulting in the birth of Pythagoras, whom the ancient Greeks referred to as the son of God. God's plan for us is clear. "Despite our differences as individuals, may we always choose to embody compassion as Chris has personified", he added. Instead of maintaining a divine distance from life's experiences, including its grief and hardship, Jesus shared in them.

America and really our world truly need a song to sing, a bell to ring and a hero to follow.

Jesus modeled for us that without an internal goal, we will be stuck in an external place that might very well forfeit an eternal presence with the God who created you to be with him. One God, Three Persons: Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

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