UMES President is "cautiously optimistic" after meeting with Trump

UMES President is

Howard University graduates celebrate at commencement in May 2016. That the Post and other media outlets bemoan the error of Conway's alleged disrespect to black leaders shows they have missed the importance of both the meeting and the president's forthcoming action via Executive Order. She said she favors tax incentives that would attract government contractors and private companies to invest in historically black schools.

In it, she said that HBCUs were started as a way of offering Black students "school choice" instead of the reality that they were created as a result of state-sanctioned segregation. It will also relocate the White House Initiative on HBCUs to direct reporting to a senior White House aid, which many advocates say will allow HBCUs to be a top priority in domestic policy considerations. We can argue that school choice (K12) happened because public schools were failing poor black and brown children. And Pell Grants received verbal support, even from House Speaker Paul Ryan, who joined the two organizers for a live Facebook Q&A event. "That's where these colleges came from", says McCaskill. It's no secret that for decades HBCUs have been treated separate and unequal, on a federal level and state level. "We saw this as an opportunity to build relationships with the new administration, to seek opportunities, of course, for our students, and for support to help us be better prepared to serve our communities as well". #HBCUs weren't "more options" for black students - for many years, they were the ONLY option. They have a vital role to play in the USA system of higher education - then, now and in the future. It could be a lack of study habits, but it could be that there is a family issue at home the student is anxious about. "All of these things play a role in their success".

Thanks to this administration and the congressional cowards who enable it, we have a Secretary of Education, someone in which it is not far fetched to wonder whether or not she knows her ABCs, in power. A lot of schools that might be bragging about their graduation rates typically are accepting more affluent students of all races. "So what that tells you is that you have a much more advanced workforce. You'll see not just a push this month, but in his budget and going forward". Investing in that program really can change generations. "If you're in the room with the president and you're president of HBCU, it's such a wasted opportunity".

During remarks made at the Tuesday luncheon in Washington, DC for the HBCU Fly-in Conference, Representative Adams reminded all that she, once "a poor Black girl...from the ghetto of Newark, N. J..." is the product of NC A&T University in Greensboro.

We will point out that HBCUs must be funded comparability to their historically White counterparts by their state and federal governments. Over the last several decades, these colleges have significantly increased their enrollment of Hispanic and white students.

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The president met with most of the Presidents on Monday and signed the executive order Tuesday.

President Donald Trump summoned dozens of leaders of historically black colleges and universities to the Oval Office on Monday for a meet and greet event prior to a "listening session" with Vice President Mike Pence and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. Mr. Trump also vowed to kill various environmental regulations on the campaign trail.

TMCF represents all Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), and its member-schools include the 47 publicly-supported HBCUs.

"So I stand here today as a living testament of what HBCUs do, and have always done, for students who simply need an opportunity, like I did", she told the HBCU luncheon audience.

KIMBROUGH: Well, I think that she was looking for an opportunity yesterday to connect what she knows best in that idea of school choice with HBCUs.