Teacher responds to Secretary DeVos' confirmation

Teacher responds to Secretary DeVos' confirmation

"Public education, from the very beginning of this country, has been at the root of that American idea that you can succeed despite any barriers of circumstance or birth", said Democratic Senator Chris Murphy of CT, who noted that DeVos has described public schools as a "dead end" for many students.

Patty Murray of Washington state, the top Democrat on the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee urged her Republican colleagues to vote against DeVos, calling her unqualified and saying that she will be a poor advocate for low income families and students with disabilities.

"In her senate confirmation hearings, Ms. DeVos seemed to lack important pertinent knowledge of where the issues and debates are lying within public education", explains Kevin Taylor, Director of the School of Education for Cal Poly.

"She believes in school choice, meaning defunding public schools and putting students who don't have a choice in where they go to school in a bad position where they can't pay teachers".

For procedural reasons, the earliest the Senate may vote on her confirmation is Tuesday at noon, so Democrats can eat up the remaining hours until the vote by railing against her on the Senate floor. DeVos has said she would divest herself from those organizations.

"We have to just continue the fight", Talbot said.

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"I think that electing somebody this out of touch is a big mistake".

"I try not to be cynical", DeVos says, during an exclusive interview in her new Washington office Wednesday, her first with the media since being nominated by President Donald Trump on November 23. DeVos won confirmation as education secretary Tuesday by the slimmest of margins, pushed to approval only by the historic tie-breaking vote of Vice President Mike Pence. Her answer was that schools sometimes need guns to protect students from bears.

The American Federation of Teachers opposed DeVos, charging that her confirmation could harm public schools if critical funding shifts to support vouchers or other school choice programs. It was under reported, but on Inauguration Day, when Trump was ceremoniously signing his cabinet nominations, he could be heard asking what department DeVos was nominated for. "It was a great symbol", she said, and one that probably reflects the role Omarosa Manigault, an alumna, plays in the administration.

Since 2008, the number of immigrant students in the school district has doubled, officials said. "We will also work our best for our students and communities and our families that we serve". This isn't something new to the affluent left-wingers who live within urban areas (like Washington, DC) and can choose to send their kids to elite private schools rather than the decrepit public schools there, but the rank-and-file progressives must truly buy the hype about DeVos to speak about such things openly like this. Rather, the performance of our students continues to lag, with US students underperforming in math, science and reading when compared to students in 65 other countries and economies.

"I appreciate the Senate's diligence, and I am eager to get to work", she said in a statement.