McMahon and Owens go to war

McMahon and Owens go to war

The main attractions will be Mahal's WWE championship match with Nakamura and Owens' Hell in a Cell match with McMahon. There is a new US champion: Baron Corbin. It's the next WWE pay-per-view event after the famous Summerslam.

But Xavier won't let a loss get to him.

From a purely athletic perspective, this match has the potential to be one of the best on the card, as both of these guys are great in-ring performers who "bring it" almost every night.

- WWE has a new poll asking fans what was the most tense moment during the McMahon vs. Owens Hell In a Cell main event last night. The teams continued to go back-and-forth with each other until Gable and Benjamin were able to hit their finisher for the win. It was Shane McMahon in a Hell in a Cell match, he was bound to do some insane stunt that would leave himself in a heap and end up losing as a result. Kingston would also win both the WWE and World Tag Team Titles with different partners before joining The New Day.

WWE Hell in a Cell 2017 has come and gone and there will be a lot of sore bodies today. There was the occasional comedy you expect from the New Day - trombones aplenty - but the storytelling here was impeccable.

Charlotte Flair vs. Natalya was decent especially the athleticism of Charlotte. Charlotte Flair will also have her hands full as she battles it out with SmackDown Women's champion Natalya. Maybe I'm just prejudice to matches involving Baron Corbin. Other highlights included Gable planting his heels to self-correct after a missed backwards moonsault (only to follow it quickly with a second, successful attempt) and a generally strong example of in-ring storytelling communicating the broad idea of an "in-sync" team (Gable & Benjamin) triumphing over an out-of-step duo (Hype Bros) who can't get on the same page. It will be interesting to see if Orton and Rusev move on from here or if they keep the program going with an angle or even a rematch on Tuesday's Smackdown.

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The next title on the line was the United States Championship.

Sunday's match started at a predictably slow pace. Jinder Mahal is still the champ. As Charlotte took advantage, Natalya grabbed a chair and hit Charlotte with it. I really wanted to see a Styles vs. Corbin singles match, and the way they set up the Triple Threat backstage with Dillinger and Daniel Bryan was about as dorky as it gets. As the ref was busy outside the ring, giving the Singh brothers the business, Nakamura converted a face-buster, then a Kinshasa on Mahal.

Randy Orton and Rusev are two top athletes - there's no doubt about that.

The Show-Off's cockiness got the better of him, and took too long to capitalize on a downed Roode.

I'm pretty confident that Jinder is retaining the title and ending his feud with Shinsuke Nakamura. Making the match Falls Count Anywhere just feeds the expectations that Shane McMahon is going to try something insane again, as he always does, but I seriously think Sami Zayn will play a role in this match's finish.