Pence meets with Puerto Ricans recovering from hurricane

Pence meets with Puerto Ricans recovering from hurricane

On Sept. 30, the CEO of PACIV, an worldwide engineering firm based in Puerto Rico, Jorge Rodriguez, warned the U.S. Congress about the Puerto Rican government's alleged inability to handle an influx of funds and aid.

Puerto Rico's government was already bankrupt prior to Hurricane Maria's landfall, further complicating recovery efforts.

After receiving the official damage report via direct communication from the El Conquistador Resort, and assessing the aftermath to the island of Puerto Rico, the decision was made to cancel.

"Don't go to San Juan".

"And unfortunately, some of us are beginning to think that maybe it's because the U.S. Virgin Islands is a primarily black territory that we're not hearing anything in the news", Plaskett added.

In Boston, we know that our strength lies in our diversity. But I think, from what I've learned, the governor of Puerto Rico is satisfied with the response. We all believe in the people here, who are so good at what they do. Perkins said the southwest side of St. Croix, where most of her family lives, was particularly hard hit. Pence praised the church's efforts to fill 15 trucks with supplies and send 150 generators to the island. "This is a story of a devastation that continues to worsen", Cruz said, according to the New York Times.

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"The same with my brother-in-law, the same with my brother, they feel those who can ... want to stay because people have to stay to start rebuilding". "Yes, and I think they learn every time".

As of Friday, many people across the island were unable to get water, gas or generator fuel, according to the Associated Press.

The cash-strapped island's 2035 8% bonds traded down to 32 cents on the dollar last Wednesday, down 12.5 points from the previous day after Trump said the debt had to be wiped out. "People are now starting to recognize the awesome work that has been done by FEMA and our great Military".

During a visit to a church, Pence listened as a priest spoke of the resiliency of the Puerto Rican people, telling the vice president that even if the people do not have electricity they do have light.

The president minimized the suffering of Puerto Rico residents by comparing their misery to that of Hurricane Katrina, as if that would make them any less thirsty or hungry.