How to buy new Amazon Echo devices in advance?

How to buy new Amazon Echo devices in advance?

Amazon held a surprise event in Seattle on Wednesday, where it launched a slew of new Echo devices.

The Echo will also come out alongside the Echo Plus.

Amazon will make the Echo and Echo Plus available in the United States from next month for US$99.99 and US$149.99, respectively.

The Echo and Echo Plus - priced at £90 and £140, respectively - are also available for pre-order now, and will start being delivered to customers next month.

The Echo Spot can be used to make video calls with its built-in sound plus a line-out and Bluetooth allow you to turn speakers into smart audio devices.

Amazon also unveiled tiny "Echo Button" devices that can be configured to work and control an Amazon Echo.

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Just ask Alexa to call a family member and you'll be connected via video to their Echo Show or Alexa app.

The Echo Spot comes in two colors, white or black, and can already be purchased in advance in the United States from September 27; reaches the market on December 19. The small Atmos-enabled device plugs into an open HDMI port and is more than $100 less than the new Apple TV 4K. The event saw the release of some new Alexa-powered Echo devices, as well as, upgrades to the existing ones along with a renewed Fire TV device. You can pre-order today and it'll ship on October 25th. The design of the Spot is one of the best we've seen from Amazon, though. The e-commerce giant continues to push its connected speaker range, which uses the cloud-based voice activated AI Alexa. The new generation maintains the same cylindrical shape of the original, but looks about half the size and is dressed up in gray cloth that looks rather like a heather sweater. It connects to your home phone and then allows you to make calls from your Echo devices.

The new Echo costs US$99. The device is priced at United States dollars 20 for a two-pack.

Amazon's smart virtual assistant Alexa will be equipped in BMW cars from beginning of 2017. One of the features of this device, which runs for $35, is it can make 911 calls. You can take advantage of the 3.5mm audio output and connect it to something more substantial if you want superior sound.

Amazon Echo Buttons The Echo buttons sport an even smaller design from the Echo Dot.