Sen. Collins a 'No' on 'Deeply Flawed' Graham-Cassidy Bill

Sen. Collins a 'No' on 'Deeply Flawed' Graham-Cassidy Bill

129, which allows the state with the highest separate poverty guideline - Alaska - to receive a 25 percent hike in federal matching funds for Medicaid. The Graham-Cassidy bill removes it retroactively as well as for future years.

The bill's sponsors claim it protects patients with pre-existing conditions.

The health care overhaul, touted by Cassidy and Graham as the Republicans' last viable shot at fulfilling pledges to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, is centered around repackaging billions of dollars in federal funding for Obamacare's Medicaid expansion and individual insurance subsidies into flexible block grants for states.

Enrollment in Medicaid would be substantially lower because of large reductions in federal funding for that program.

The bill prevents insurers from denying anyone coverage based on a medical condition that existed before they got insurance.

For what it's worth, the CBO "score" of Graham-Cassidy was thoroughly negative in tone despite its lack of numbers.

The PPP results, released Thursday, were echoed in a CBS News poll released Monday.

Trump also claimed Republicans are scared to actually pass a repeal bill now that they have a Republican president that will sign it, saying GOP members now just "pander" and "grandstand". The deadline for using that expedited process is September 30.

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US Republicans have made changes to their new bill to replace Obamacare, hoping to keep it alive after being rejected by Republican bigwigs like Senators Arizona Senator John McCain. "Your state legislature and your governor", Graham testified before the Senate Committee on Finance.

A revised Republican bill to repeal Obamacare attempts to shift funding to sway holdouts but leaves the heart of the original legislation intact. "But that has not been the case", he said in a statement on Friday. Rand Paul, who previously expressed opposition to the bill because it does not fully repeal Obamacare. "I could have - maybe give you 10 reasons why this bill shouldn't be considered", Grassley said. Susan Collins of ME and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, helped doom the last big repeal push over the summer. And during an appearance with The Texas Tribune on Saturday, Sen. They released an updated version over the weekend in an effort to generate support. Cruz suggested that Utah Sen.

ABA opposes health reform bill, warns of...

The bill would lose if three GOP senators vote "no" in a showdown this week.

According to GOP figures, the legislation's grants would provide 14 percent more money for Arizona than under Obama's law; 4 percent more for Kentucky; 49 percent more for Texas; 3 percent more for Alaska and 43 percent more for Maine.

Sen. Susan Collins of Main told CNN on Sunday she finds it "very difficult" to imagine herself voting to upend the ACA, but that she was not ready to declare with certainty she would vote no without first seeing an assessment of its impact by the independent Congressional Budget Office.

GOP leadership is slated to bring the measure before the Senate this week for a vote.