Report of Girl Trapped Under School Rubble False, Navy Apologizes

Report of Girl Trapped Under School Rubble False, Navy Apologizes

In fact, he said, government authorities were never aware of the existence of any child named Frida Sofia.

The U.S. ambassador to Mexico says that a search and rescue team from the Los Angeles County Fire Department has arrived with "experts and tons of equipment".

However, on Thursday night Mr Sarmiento contradicted his earlier statement, confirming that the navy had distributed reports of a surviving girl.

"Frida Sofia.they told her to move a hand, she moved a nation", @LorsRuizVelsaco wrote, commenting on reports from journalists at the scene that rescue workers asked the trapped children to move their hands to show they were alive.

The USAID/LAFD team is carefully coordinating with their Mexican partners to make sure they're in the right place at the right time, Green added.

"We have the certainty that all children are either unfortunately died, either in hospital or at home", said a local television channel the minister of Marine Angel Sarmiento, ensuring, however, that the adult was still alive under the rubble.

She says she wants more information.

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Later on, he clarified that the rescuers would still continue the operation as long as they believed there were still people trapped inside. Any sudden movements would have brought it crashing down, nullifying all the progress they had made. She's rescued 12 people alive over her entire career, which is definitely 12 more than I have. "But we're slow, like turtles".

Rescuers continue to make their way through debris in the aftermath of Tuesday's deadly natural disaster, including at a collapsed school, according to ABC News.

And while there are stories of hope in the city, there are bodies also being discovered.

Rescuers have plucked 50 survivors from the rubble so far and are vowing to continue their efforts. "We will maintain the rescue missions to look for people who might still be alive under the rubble". "But now, we don't know what is the reality", said one firefighter still in shock, in a testimony reported by Europe 1.

Is it safe to visit Cancun or Mexico City after the quake?

"Once again, Mexicans have demonstrated that the strength of solidarity is much greater", the president's office posted in a tweet that included a video showing thousands of people involved in relief efforts.