Germany's surging far-right promises to disrupt cosy parliament

Germany's surging far-right promises to disrupt cosy parliament

German voters do not directly elect the chancellor.

If Franco-German cooperation develops according to predictions and the already demonstrated commitment of Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron, the European Union will become more resistant to unexpected events. There are so many things that are exceptional and unusual about her and her tenure.

"There is no "pro-Putin" candidate", said Mark Galeotti, who runs the Center for European Security. Tax revenues are growing at more than 4 per cent, while the economy is growing at only 0.6 per cent.

"If the SPD did enter another a coalition with Merkel this year, it would cost us a lot of support which could be really damaging for the next election in 2021", he said.

She's not even on Twitter. She has increasingly stood, in Europe, as the alternative to Trump. Yet her popularity is high. "My wish is for her to renovate the German educational system, and better align the curricula to the reality and requirements of the 21st century", he tells Inc. in an email interview. She is especially popular among 18 to 24-year-olds, among whom her approval rating is close to 60 per cent. From the threat of collapse of the eurozone to pressures from Russian Federation and her handling of the refugee crisis, Mr Kornelius said Ms Merkel had been able "to close the ranks, keep Europe together and prevent it from slipping apart" and that she meant to do the same with Brexit. India is debating whether to deport 40,000 Rohingya refugees back to Myanmar.

Fresh problems stem from French President Emmanuel Macron, who is pressing Germany to decide long-term means for strengthening the euro just at the time when European Central Bank support is running out and the German parliament will become far less compliant. "For the first time in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany, there will be a political party within the walls of the Reichstag [Parliament] building which does not distance itself from the Nazi past and which tolerates members who publicly express themselves in racist and xenophobic language". In 2013, just four parties manged to do this, but this time around six parties look set to enter parliament making an overall majority far more hard. On Friday, the results of a YouGov survey was published in the newspaper Die Welt, showing that half of the German electorate (out of a sample of 2,308 respondents) agreed with the slogan "Merkel must go!" chanted by right-wing demonstrators at her rallies. That makes the task of forming a majority for Merkel trickier. Then came the American election of November 2016, which gave the White House to Donald Trump. She seems easily influenced. But it's also too simplistic to say that it has unambiguously weakened her, in part because her rationale-"Wir schaffen das", or "We can handle it"-was an expression of the potential for action, rather than simple, open-armed humanitarianism". This coming from a former East German is quite an fantastic statement.

That won't stop him from voting for her again on Sunday.

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Hans Kundnani, an expert at the German Marshall Fund think-tank, said it's a "foregone conclusion" that Merkel will be the next chancellor. So, it's not just voluntary restraint, but mandatory law which is causing fiscal surplus.

Frankfurter Allgeimene Zeitung (FAZ) journalist Tobias Piller suggests that, "to talk about the need of social justice in a country having a record employment rate could hardly be attractive".

Surveys show many voters are still undecided and, with the election likely to return a fractured parliament, she wants to maximise support to bolster her position in coalition negotiations. Over the last decade in office, she has skillfully co-opted rivals' stances, making it hard for them to criticize her. This was because the unemployment dole would have been a bigger burden on the government.

It doesn't help that Europe is more fractured and tenuous than it has been in decades. However, Germany is a top economic and commercial ally of the V4 countries.

The SPD, after a lackluster four years of power-sharing, is likely to be much more hostile to Merkel than hitherto.

Some thoughts about Germany's election this Sunday, hoisted from comments over on Facebook.

Numerous new voters are young adults born in Germany. Both may soon change - Angela Merkel is famed for her pragmatism. These are issues that would have wobbled the most seasoned politicians.