Floridians return to storm-battered homes

Floridians return to storm-battered homes

People shop by flashlight in a supermarket, one of the few open, with limited electricity two days after Hurricane Irma swept through the area on September 12, 2017 in Naples, Florida.

To ease the supply crunch, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has waived restrictions to allow foreign vessels to bring in fuel, as well as expanding the types of fuel allowed to be sold in Florida.

"We were inside the house, in another room".

Your vacation could have been impacted, or even interrupted, by Hurricane Irma.

He said boats were cast ashore, water, sewers and electricity were knocked out, and "I don't think I saw one trailer park where nearly everything wasn't overturned".

"The devastation left by Hurricane Irma was far greater, at least in certain locations, than anyone thought - but awesome people working hard", President Trump tweeted Tuesday. Her building manager told her there was flooding there, but further updates were hard to come by because power and cell phone service have been down on the island.

"When that sun came out this morning and the damage was minimal, it became a good day", said Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn.

Despite the heavy property losses, the hurricane has taken a less toll on the resident's mood.

"I've been in Miami Beach for two years, which is prone to flooding, but this is completely out of the norm", Kiener told ABC News.

Irma cut off communication in entire neighborhoods and communities, particularly on Cudjoe Key, where the storm made landfall Sunday, and numerous other Keys.

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Irma's 11.25 days as a hurricane were the most since Nicole in 2016 and tied for the 23rd most in the satellite era. At a checkpoint near the Upper Keys, residents slept in their cars and waited for hours just to see if they still have a home.

A downed tree blocks a Miami road.

As night falls, the remnant effects of the hurricane can still be felt. That is in addition to the $190 billion hit to the economy from Hurricane Harvey. There's no stores. There's no electricity.

Millions of people in Florida and other southeastern states, along with Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands, remain without power, making Hurricane Irma the worst weather-related power outage in U.S. history, according to estimates.

But the loss of power was only part of the picture.

After forging a warpath through the Caribbean and up through the United States, Irma emerged as a storm for the record books.

Most of the deaths were in regions that had less time to prepare for the storm due to its last-minute turn from eastern Florida to the western coast. County officials announced that one of three shuttered hospitals on the island chain was reopening.

At least three people have died in Georgia as a result of the storm. Now, evacuated Floridians are sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic to head home and face monumental cleanups throughout the state.

"We know it's challenging to be without power and I want to assure all our customers that every FPL employee is dedicated to getting the lights back on as safely and quickly as possible", Volenec said.