Activision Shares Dozens of Gorgeous Destiny 2 Launch Screenshots

Activision Shares Dozens of Gorgeous Destiny 2 Launch Screenshots

Here is a collection of spoiler-free tidbits that you'll want to know before diving into a world without light.

Even though the game doesn't technically release until this evening, the Destiny 2 servers are officially live.

With the majority of Destiny 2's 15-20 hour campaign under my belt, and plenty of experience with the game's new Strikes and Crucible maps, I can tell you that Bungie has crafted another awesome first-person shooter with revamped mechanics that acts as a breath of fresh air to the players who have sunk the past three years into the franchise: and this time, there's a story.

Only the console versions are released this week though, with the PC version not scheduled to launch until October 24. This time around weapons and armor pieces will have their own stories associated with them, and it will be relegated to a special tab on the gear inspection page. "Hopefully you guys will come back later today, see me outside and be like, 'you nailed it.' That's what we're hoping". Still, at least Xbox and PC players will get the extra stuff at some point, just as it was with the first Destiny. The Glacier White PS4 Pro Destiny 2 game and expansion pass bundle is a GAME retail exclusive, and to be fair it looks pretty bloomin' lovely.

In Destiny there are three classes to choose from: Warlock, Titan and Hunter. But official news and exact date of deliverance are yet to be confirmed by private video game industry Bungie, Inc.

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"In Destiny 2, you'll battle a new enemy on new worlds", says Dague.

The third slot belongs to Power weapons that deal large quantities of damage, such as shotguns, sniper rifles, rocket launchers and other heavy weapons.

Mods work much the same for armor.

The stage is all set for the biggest FPS release of 2017, Destiny 2. Building upon the strengths of the original, Destiny 2 embraces its shooter gameplay, with improved systems across the board for earning loot and online play. It's my Destiny 2 PC Beta Impressions! Of course, players may want to take the time to properly level their Guardians before rushing into any Nightfall Strikes, as they will likely be some of the most challenging content available in the game at launch. Completing weekly milestones can unlock new Clan Banner Perks. On September 13th at 10am Pacific time, the first raid will go live. The game welcomes new players to the universe, as well as those who have been devoted to the universe since the beginning, with an array of modes and activities to explore.

End-game activities can include Nightfall strikes and the raid (leaks of which won't be spoiled here), but also include new activities in Destiny 2.