Former Missouri senator says Trump is not a Republican in op-ed

Former Missouri senator says Trump is not a Republican in op-ed

Fanning the flames of GOP discord, President Donald Trump is accusing Republican congressional leaders botching efforts to avoid an unprecedented default on the national debt.

The president has publicly attacked a string of Republicans including Senators John McCain, Jeff Flake, Lindsey Graham, Dean Heller, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski - at the risk of weakening his chances of driving legislation through Congress.

Recently, the president has expressed disappointment in Sen. Some independent commentators have even questioned Trump's mental state give that, as head of the U.S. armed forces, he has his finger on the "nuclear button" - the procedure that launches a nuclear attack.

While things could certainly change over the next year, it's looking like we could be headed for a wave election in which Democrats do extremely well. The Wall Street Journal objects.

Saturday's dinner, a celebration of the Republican Party's electoral gains over the previous year, comes as Trump has taken McConnell to task in recent days for his handling of the failed vote to repeal parts of Obamacare and for not moving legislation to raise the debt ceiling.

"Few, if any, Administrations have done more in just 7 months than the Trump A. Bills passed, regulations killed, border, military, ISIS, SC!", Trump said. "This doesn't mean joining Democrats as 'the Resistance.' But it does mean acting on their own to fulfill their legislative promises with or without the support of Mr. Trump". While Republican leaders have yet to reveal a plan for how they'll proceed, a likely scenario is to package the two measures together to get them to the president's desk.

He seems not to understand that the top GOP agenda items of repealing Obamacare and slashing taxes for the rich are in jeopardy because Republicans do not have the votes from their own caucus.

How weakened is President Trump?

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That's why people to this day, even in the insane world that we live in 2017, love nothing more than a big time boxing fight. Today's final Mayweather/McGregor press conference was something of an underwhelming affair, all things considered.

Meanwhile, in Alabama, Trump's support for the less kooky Republican candidate, Sen. And shorn of its platitudes, bombast and clumsiness, President Trump's much awaited policy speech on Afghanistan was so much a continuation of previous USA policy that sighs of relief were heard around many capitals. The effect that produces may not be enormous, and most Republican members come from safe districts, but even a marginal impact could make a difference. He's not insane to think of ways to put Democrats in a bad spot regarding the debt ceiling. The man who inhabits the Oval Office is a person who sees no restraints on his power and who does not believe any other branch of government can get in his way. He campaigned for Democrats when they asked, raised gobs of money for their political committees and did the little personal things including inviting them out to play golf.

Democrats have been talking about using the debt ceiling as a lever against Republican tax reform since June and laid out their conditions for working together on tax legislation in an August 1 letter to Trump and Republican leaders. Daniel Horowitz has said it. Flake is a proven vote-getter - he spent 12 years in the House before getting elected to the Senate in 2012 - who has nearly $3 million in the bank. The interest on the debt is $270 billion. Congress is supposed to pass annual spending bills around the end of the federal fiscal year on September 30 to fund most of the USA government, but disagreements often prevent this.

But the Wall Street Journal obfuscates that truth to argue for Congress to abandon conservative policies. Most people - Trump's base excluded - don't want the wall, don't think the wall will happen, don't think Congress will pay for the wall and, obviously, don't think Mexico's going to pay for it, either. The physical wall is Mr. Trump's personal preoccupation. Then, after the shutdown had lapsed, there were the instructions and directives about how to fill out time sheets to reflect the hours not worked, and finally the reversal of those directives" when it was decided that the pay of furloughed employees would be restored, to "the ire of the essential employees who had continued working. "If we have to close down that government", Trump said, "we are going to build that wall". "The one that drives the message back home to people, it was as broken as they thought that it was when they voted for Donald Trump".

It's too early to know if Democrats would move toward impeachment if they won the House majority next year. But conservatives in the House are demanding that steep spending cuts accompany any debt bill.

Even the leadership of Trump's party rejected his dare.

Rather than becoming the goat who ate the Republican Party, Cruz solidified his position as a hero to many grassroots GOP voters. McConnell often seems to think several steps ahead of others, while Trump bounces from one subject to another with little clear strategic objective.

Mr Trump added heat in the rift with congressional leaders including Mr McConnell via Twitter just this week. He holds a politics and economics from Hillsdale College. They can start by ignoring the WSJ editorial board.