President Trump and the Forever War in Afghanistan

President Trump and the Forever War in Afghanistan

To the extent they keep trying, angry U.S. criticism that it's not enough is fueling growing anti-American sentiment across Pakistan.

"We would like to see effective and immediate USA military efforts to eliminate sanctuaries harbouring terrorists and miscreants on Afghan soil, including those responsible for fomenting terror in Pakistan", the prime minister's office said in a statement, Reuters reports.

Critics of all of this were quick to have at Trump for not providing enough details, such as how many more troops he would send Afghanistan's way. Regarding Trump's policy he said, "President Donald Trump's statement and language that he used was totally inappropriate for diplomacy".

Ten U.S. service members have been killed this year - three of whom died in June when an Afghan soldier opened fire on American troops battling the Islamic State in Nangahar province.

"The time has come when U.S. needs Pakistan more, not less, for its war in Afghanistan", Sawhney said.

Obviously, Trump and U.S. citizens want United States of America to dominate the world by waging war in other countries, if necessary, to assert it's position but would not want to lose it's soldiers in the process. The United States' eagerness to include India shows a clear signal that it is ready to sideline Pakistan from the Afghanistan end-game.

It is equally important for Delhi to note the shift in Washington's thinking on the Indian role in Afghanistan.

"We expect the same from our neighbors", it said - a reference to Afghanistan and India. For Delhi, the question is not whether Trump's Afghanistan strategy is a glass half-full or half-empty. Pakistan has been constantly told to "do more" in its bid to fight terror.

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Hua said against the current backdrop, China appreciates Pakistan's efforts in ensuring security for China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Trump also emphasized he would step away from "nation building". Trump's remarks provoked hurt and outrage among many.

Waheed Muzhda, a political analyst in Kabul, expressed fear that Trump's emphasis on a military victory seemed guaranteed to prolong the war and increase casualties.

Ending the 16-year conflict has eluded former presidents, and Trump has made it no secret that he considers the war too costly.

The US will also be enhancing its military presence in Afghanistan.

The Wilson Center's Kugelman said he didn't believe the Taliban "will exactly be shaking in their boots after this speech".

New troops will be required, he suggested, but he did not say how many (there are 8,400 there now).

During the meeting, Afghan and USA working groups highlighted the completion of the Compact's four matrices focusing on governance, economics, peace and reconciliation, and security. Nor did he explain, much less guarantee, how a few thousand more troops could succeed when the more than 100,000 troops deployed during the Obama administration did not. Gen. Joseph Votel, the top U.S commander for the Middle East, said the first deployments of new US forces will arrive in Afghanistan "pretty quickly".