Powerball frenzy surrounds tonight's drawing

Powerball frenzy surrounds tonight's drawing

He bought his Powerball tickets at Dee's Cigar Store on State Street in Erie. And some research shows that lottery winners often have a hard time finding enjoyment in life after winning.

In 2016, the amount of winnings from lottery tickets sold at East Lake Food and Liquor totaled $1,173,388, a number that is displayed close to the business' front door.

Drawings for Pick 3, Pick 4 and Pick 5 are twice daily, at 12:29 p.m. and 7:29 p.m. Well soon, you'll be able to get your Powerball ticket right from your phone.

The drawing will be at 10:59 on Wednesday night.

The odds are 1 in 292 million, but with the odds against you why continue to play?

Despite incredibly long odds, people throughout the country will hold their breath Wednesday night as five white balls and one red ball are drawn from drums.

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However, with an appearance at Henlow now more likely, Coral have chosen King Kid as the favourite for the St. However, despite this setback, he still clocked 28.50, demonstrating his enormous potential for the future.

The overall chance of winning any prize is 1 in 24.87.

SAN ANGELO, TX- The Powerball jackpot rose to $700 million following the Saturday drawing, where nobody took home the massive purse. The cash option would be more than $443.3 million. And whoever it is won't get their hands on the full jackpot - lottery winnings are taxed like income.

The victor of Wednesday's jackpot will get $443.3 million in cash, if you choose that option.

The frenzy for tickets is a result of the game rolling over 20 times since June 14, making it the second largest drawing in the game's history.

A few scooping up tickets Wednesday morning said they'd donate to charity, take family members on a beach vacation and pay for a trip with the grandkids to Disney World.

Powerball is held in 44 states, the District of Columbia, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Powerball tickets are $2 each and the multiplier is another $1.