Google joins other tech companies in Net Neutrality Day of Action

Google joins other tech companies in Net Neutrality Day of Action

Vimeo released their own video on Wednesday, explaining the basics of net neutrality and how to fight to ensure it remains intact. From a business perspective, limitations on what pages people can access could ultimately lead to fewer people viewing certain pages.

End to net neutrality means ISPs will be able to decide which content you would see using paid prioritisation.

This is by far not the only reason companies are taking part, of course.

Tech companies and websites disagree.

In the past, there have been many attempts to rule out net neutrality.

Some of the biggest tech companies, like Facebook and Google, participated in the Net Neutrality Day of Action, a protest of the Federal Communications Commission's plan to roll back Obama-era rules that increased government oversight and required online service providers to treat all internet traffic the same.

"It was created to preserve a free and open Internet by preventing broadband providers from blocking, throttling or slowing Internet services".

"This may seem like an anomaly to many people who might question why AT&T is joining with those who have differing viewpoints on how to ensure an open and free internet". Netflix CEO Reed Hastings caused a stir back in May when he publicly said that his company wasn't as concerned about net neutrality as it used to be.

The effort is led by numerous grassroots groups behind the largest online protests in history including the SOPA blackout and the Internet Slowdown. "Today, the Internet is showing its political power".

"As a user", Gorodyansky says, "your YouTube videos are gonna be slower, your Netflix movies are gonna be slower" without net neutrality. I think that my observation is that you're seeing this call to action to support an open and neutral internet because the [Trump] administration is making moves and decisions in the other direction.

In simple words, this means it would give control of the internet to those cable and phone companies who opposed net neutrality in 2015. "And it should stay that way", Google writes. Your ISP won't throttle your speed if you're looking at the porn ... or if your ISP is run by a Trump fan, they can't block the New York Times.

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Even Pornhub, one of the internet's most popular porn sites and the 18th-largest website in the country, is on board. Amazon had a little ad. Reddit displayed a digital message.

But Mark Zuckerberg and Larry Page will not be marching outside FCC headquarters with protest signs.

Or if you've been out for a while and living in a big city, there are still LGBTQ health issues.

Marijuana supporters can not sit by and let a rollback of net neutrality happen.

Mayors and organizations of all stripes are calling for residents to express their views on net neutrality. Clicking on this will take you to the Internet Association's page on net neutrality.

Already the FCC has received 5.6 million comments on the issue, ahead of a July 17 deadline for remarks. It's a slightly different protest, and a little freakish, but it certainly sends a message.

"By doing so, they will substantially limit not only the choice that consumers have in what content and what services they can get but also what they pay and what the quality of that service is", Dr. Leidig said.

MCEVERS: OK, so when we hear about net neutrality and the debate, is this it?

Prof Rimmer said there were many benefits of network neutrality, including promotion of consumer rights, innovation, competition, and freedom of expression.

What can you do about all this? At a time when many internet providers are looking to diversify their revenue by going head-to-head with Google and Facebook's advertising prowess, it's no longer enough simply to provide an on-ramp to the internet, analysts say.