Lessons Indian entrepreneurs can learn from Israel - the Startup Nation

Lessons Indian entrepreneurs can learn from Israel - the Startup Nation

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu greeted Modi at Israel's worldwide airport near Tel Aviv and will accompany the Indian leader throughout the three-day visit. According to officials, the plan is to expand 26 agriculture expertise centers Israel set up in 15 Indian states to help increase agricultural output.

"Our goal is to conduct dialogue with Israel in a manner that improves the lives of the citizens of both countries", said Prime Minister Modi, who last visited Israel a decade ago when he was chief minister of Gujarat with a delegation to learn about Israeli agriculture.

"Together, we can do even more and even better (for India-Israel ties)", he added.

Economic relations between India and Israel have flourished since the establishment of formal diplomatic ties in 1992.

In Israel, Modi will also meet President Reuven Ruvi Rivlin and address the CEOs of the two countries as well as the Indian diaspora.

"On paper, India remains friendly to the Palestinians and to Mahmoud Abbas, who New Delhi calls the "president of Palestine", not of the Palestinian Authority".

"The gesture of PM Modi to remember the PM's brother was thoughtful, and touched a chord", Michael Oren, Deputy Minister in Mr. Netanyahu's office told The Hindu after the ceremony, adding that it was "an indicator that he believes Israel and India face similar threats".

What is the importance of PM Narendra Modi's visit for Israel? He has done this on his travels to the United States, where in 2014 he attracted 19,000 people to Madison Square Garden in NY; to Britain; Australia; the United Arab Emirates; and just last week during a trip to the Netherlands, where he stopped on his way home from visiting the U.S. and Portugal. India is a huge country with over 1.25 billion people and is one of the world's largest, growing economies.

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Israel had previously supported India on the menace of terrorism originating from Pakistan and within the country.

Citing the fact that PM Modi chose not to visit Palestine on the same trip, Tharoor said that Ministry of Foreign Affairs should have done their "homework" before finalising the visit.

Yes. Moshe is a symbol of the challenges that confront India and Israel.

This is clearly an issue for the Indian government to deal with.

Trade between the two countries centers on a number of important sectors, including diamonds, defense systems, and agricultural technologies.

Narendra Modi has departed from India!

On July 5, members of the Indian community are invited to a meeting with Modi in Tel Aviv. The Indian embassy, which is organizing the event and has chartered buses to bring in attendees from all parts of the Jewish state, expects 4,000 or more people to take part.