Annual reminder: Fireworks are illegal nearly everywhere in Spokane County

Annual reminder: Fireworks are illegal nearly everywhere in Spokane County

To help you plan your holiday weekend, we have compiled a list of fireworks shows throughout Arkansas.

Obey all local laws regarding the use of fireworks. Complaints range from dogs barking, people who can't sleep due to neighbors shooting fireworks and everything in between. It is also illegal to light fireworks within 100 yards of a hospital, nursing home, prison, nuclear power plant and gas station or refinery.

· Soak "dud" fireworks in a bucket of water before discarding them. Light each firework one at a time and move away quickly.

Quakertown Community Day will have live entertainment, a pancake breakfast, a vehicle show, food booths, games and fireworks on Tuesday from 8 9 Quakertown Memorial Park. The same reports points out the majority of injuries (28 percent) are caused by sparklers.

However, firefighters recognize not everyone will heed their advice to avoid explosives, despite the fact that a lot of them are technically illegal in Florida except for agricultural use. Anything consumer grade would be labeled 1.4G.

During the month surrounding Independence Day, about 250 people show up in emergency rooms every day with fireworks-inflicted wounds, CPSC said.

Fire officials also say they are urging everyone to be smart when handling fireworks in their yards this week.

According to the latest national data from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), 2015 was the worst year for fireworks injuries in at least 15 years.

Fourth of July festivities roundup
Hotel Viking provides a unique view of the fireworks at Fort Adams on July 4 over a dinner at their rooftop bar and kitchen. Metamora, Indiana - The Metamora Volunteer Fire Department hosts its annual Independence Day Festival at the fire station.

- Any other sparkling device that does not detonate or explode, does not spin, are hand-held or ground-based, can not propel itself through the air and contains no more than 75 grams of chemical compound per tube or 200 grams if combined.

Garrett said, "Some sparklers burn at temperatures of about 2,000 degrees, which is hot enough to melt some metals".

"Those activities will include bounce houses and all sorts of other fun things, including face painting that will be offered by the Park City High School cheerleading team", she said. Over the past 10 years in Virginia alone, 778 fires and 650 explosions were caused by fireworks, the video states.

Mayor Jim Fouts said their top priorities are targeting those who drink and shoot off fireworks, do it in the middle of the street or let minors handle them.

Only "Safe and Sane" fireworks bearing the seal of the State Fire Marshal may be used and enjoyed throughout Ventura County.

Kids should not play with fireworks.

A reason for the big increase is the steady reduction in state prohibitions against individuals using fireworks. Several of these celebrations coordinate with national holidays or days of national pride and are accompanied by barbecues, parades, picnics, and often fireworks. Never place any part of your body directly over a fireworks device when lighting the fuse.