Bernie-backed candidate defeated by establishment Dem in VA primary

Bernie-backed candidate defeated by establishment Dem in VA primary

With 99 percent of precincts reporting, Northam led former U.S. Rep. Tom Perriello 56 percent to 44 percent. Bernie Sanders, promising to stand up to both President Donald Trump and the entrenched business interests that dominate state politics. Northam, who brands himself as a pragmatist, is backed by Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, a longtime supporter and friend of the Clintons, and by both of Virginia's Senators, Tim Kaine and Mark Warner.

Northam, who grew up on the Eastern Shore and lives in Norfolk, won by outperforming Perriello in Hampton Roads, Richmond and Northern Virginia.

"There is one word you will never hear from me, and that's unity", Stewart says.

Stewart won 56.89 percent of the vote in Floyd County (380 votes to Gillespie's 227).

Virginia voters cast their ballots in the Democratic primary Tuesday, choosing their candidates for the gubernatorial, lieutenant gubernatorial and House of Delegates races.

"I just didn't have the resources to get the message out", Wagner said.

Ed Gillespie's narrow victory against former Trump state campaign chairman Stewart provided the night's biggest surprise.

Despite their varying approaches, months on the trail have revealed two candidates as more alike than not. So far this year, 54 Democratic candidates committed to contesting 66 Republican-held House seats - a huge increase over 2015, when only 28 Democrats ran for 67 Republican seats.

Meanwhile, state Democrats are already crowing about their massive advantage in turnout for the primary - almost 543,000 people voted on the Democratic side, compared to about 366,000 for Republicans.

After Georgia, Republicans celebrating, Dems searching
He has said he grew up in the district and now lives close to Emory University, where his fiancee attends medical school. Democracy for America chair Jim Dean blasted the Democratic establishment's "unforced errors".

Virginia race is receiving national attention as it is one of only two states with governor offices up for election this year. "I have no doubt that one day soon, a Democratic woman will join that list". Statewide, Gillespie took a razor thin edge victory with 43.71 percent to the 42.53 percent total for Stewart.

"The populist, Trumpian message has significant support in swing states and majority support in red states in GOP primaries", Miller told BuzzFeed News.

The Democratic primary contest has been a hard fought battle between Northam, the state party establishment's favorite, and insurgent candidate Tom Perriello.

"I am running for governor to take back Virginia from the establishment and political elites in Richmond", conservative Republican candidate Corey Stewart said on his campaign website. Northam also had a larger, steadier stream of in-state donors, while Perriello was funded largely by $500,000 contributions from George Soros and Charlottesville philanthropist Sonjia Smith.

Welcome to the Oldest Political News Web Site on The Internet. He said he was drawn to Perriello after watching his town hall meetings online.

"I see this as the midterm of the midterms", said Felty, who voted for Trump and remains steadfast in his support. "He talked about a lot of the green energy initiatives as well as being a staunch opponent to the pipelines that are going through Virginia".

Prince William County decided selected a victor Tuesday night in Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam. He said his priorities are affordable health care and education and has introduced a plan to make community colleges and workforce training free for what he calls "new-collar" jobs in high-demand fields like health care, cybersecurity and skilled construction trades. Gillespie and Stewart say they want to cut the state's income tax rates. Among the three, Gillespie is considered the frontrunner.

Is Floyd County out of touch with the rest of Virginia?

"The state ends at Roanoke, we are the forgotten corner of Virginia", said local Democratic activist Oliver Keene of Tazewell, where 20% of the town lives in poverty. Already in states like Ohio, Michigan, and SC (states that Trump won) Republican gubernatorial prospects are aligning themselves with the president in hopes of winning his voters, if not his endorsement.