Primary Elections Underway in Virginia

Primary Elections Underway in Virginia

Usually, primary voters are older, attuned to the party's internal goings-on and more practical than populist. Virginians simply aren't accustomed to voting in primaries.

Byrd, alarmed by Stanley's underwhelming manner, supposedly came around to his candidacy after a conversation with Stanley's peppery wife, who was an heiress to a furniture fortune and a generous underwriter of the conservative Democratic organization that then ruled Virginia. Republicans have even less experience. This post is also a good launching pad for higher office: Aside from attorney general, Virginia doesn't have any other statewide elected offices besides governor and US senator.

A photo required to vote, and verifying voter registration prior to Election Day is recommended, according to Halifax County Registrar Heather Harding. This is the first close Democratic primary since 2016, not the last; gubernatorial primaries next year in Florida, Illinois, and California might tell us something different.

"The party does seem to have two very distinct groups right now vying for people's respect and ideas", Clisham said. Woody Allen once said that 80 percent of life is showing up.

All 100 House seats are up for election this year. A vote for Tom Perriello would be a vote for the Bernie Sanders wing of the party; a vote for Ralph Northam would be a vote for a more centrist approach. As Northam noted on the campaign trail, he was endorsed by every Democratic member of the state legislature, the governor, the state attorney general, and most of the state's Democratic congressional delegation. Perriello, a strong Barack Obama supporter whose 2010 defeat may have been at least partly due to supporting Obamacare, has said he was wrong in breaking with liberal orthodoxy to vote to limit abortion coverage in private health plans.

The off-year-elections beat marches on today with gubernatorial primaries in Virginia.

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For Sorfina Shamsudin, 22, and her friends, this GE was the first time that they were making their voices heard. She needs 18 more seats, with only 17 more seats left to declare. "Her position I think is very, very hard ".

However, Northam has been decisively outspending Perriello on TV, which could make all the difference in a primary where neither candidate started with much support from voters.

GONYEA: Northam says Democrats need to take advantage of Trump's unpopularity to nominate candidates like himself who can retain the governorship and more. You can learn more about Gillespie here. His totals dwarfed those of rivals Corey Stewart and Frank Wagner, who reported $186,000 and $60,000 on hand, respectively, for the end of the reporting period.

Vogel said during a candidates' forum in Warrenton in May that she "wants to keep government small and taxes low", stem the flow of people leaving Virginia and roll back regulations. They're guaranteed two - one for governor and one for attorney general, where incumbent Mark Herring is unopposed. Challenging him is Gene Rossi, a retired federal prosecutor who's vowed to work on criminal justice reform, as well as Susan Platt, a longtime political operative and former lobbyist who's made a point of attacking Trump's policies.

Jennifer Carroll Foy and Josh King want to be the Democrat to face Republican Laquan Austion in November.

While both Northam and Perriello have pledged fierce opposition to Trump, Perriello has sought to portray his candidacy as the tip of the spear of the resistance. Glenn Davis of Virginia Beach for lieutenant governor.

The frenetic Perriello, 42, held a 24-hour marathon campaign blitz throughout the commonwealth at the end of last week, stopping in diners, gas stations and holding a fun run. You can learn more about Vogel here. The Minnesota native also is running on a theme of preserving Southern heritage, making multiple statements opposing the removal of Confederate monuments.