E3 2017: New Yoshi Game Confirmed for Switch in 2018

E3 2017: New Yoshi Game Confirmed for Switch in 2018

There are, however, sections of the game that are two dimensional and have more in common with retro Mario titles. Using these abilities to find secrets will earn moons - which function like the Stars from Super Mario Sunshine or the Shines from Super Mario Sunshine - and open up new worlds to explore. With three days of E3 2017, there's no telling what Nintendo and The Pokemon Company will show, so keep your eyes on the Treehouse for all the latest. No news yet on whether this is the long-rumoured Pokémon Stars or something entirely new, but the game will launch sometime in 2018 at the earliest.

If the reveal trailer is any indication, however, we do expect this game to sport some incredible environments. Kirby is coming to the Switch in his own solo game, simply titled Kirby. Nintendo didn't offer many details, instead focusing on the gameplay.

In what has been a mixed bag of E3 Press Conferences and Showcases in 2017, many had bundled their hopes and dreams into the Nintendo E3 Spotlight: A 25 minute presentation dedicated to games. A brand new Pokemon game and that too on the Switch is an exciting proposition.

This trailer finished with a release date of October 27th. It was also unveiled that Mario can now possess certain enemies and objects and inherit their powers. Nintendo has always been about the games, at the end of the day, and the Switch is no exception.

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It follows on from the announcement of the Super Mario Odyssey release date for Nintendo Switch.

There's a lot for fans to be excited about - it's just going to take months for them to get their hands on the games.

Nintendo capped its E3 2017 presentation with a gameplay demo of Super Mario Odyssey, however, which unveiled a few core gameplay concepts that weren't public knowledge before.

The trailer depicts Mario on yet another whacky adventure, traversing different environments as he encounters a plethora of iconic Super Mario foes, such as the Mushroom Heads and the black, shark-faced bomb rockets.