Two New Xbox Exclusive Games Coming To Microsoft's E3 2017 Conference

Two New Xbox Exclusive Games Coming To Microsoft's E3 2017 Conference

In lieu of new hardware, the Japanese company is likely to focus on software, with more details revealed concerning major upcoming games like God of War and Days Gone and announcements of new platform exclusives.

There is also going to be a final release date for the Scorpio later this year.

Microsoft (70%) and Nintendo (31%) had the biggest contingent of indie titles in their conferences.

Virtual reality in its current form is now well-established, and all of the major VR headsets have been on the market for at least half a year.

But the Nintendo Switch, for all its multi-functionality and growing library of excellent games, has virtually none of the features that Xbox One and PS4 have.

The demand to have access to your old game library is a powerful one - after all, nostalgia is one of the most powerful forces in gaming. (Those people - an expected 50,000 of them - are still invited, of course).

Many will also be looking at Activision's new "Call of Duty: WWII", which takes the series back to its roots and may inject new life into the franchise by mining history - a strategy that has worked for the series's top competitor "Battlefield". He's done weirder things.

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Microsoft has now freed up an extra gigabyte of Xbox Scorpio's system memory, giving developers a whopping total of 9 GB of RAM to play with, which will unarguably result in envelope-pushing game performance.

What could those experiences be? This confirmed news can be noticed on the pre-order page of the official webpage of Federation Internationale de Football Association 18, players purchasing the "Icon Edition" will receive $155 worth of Jumbo Premium Gold Packs, also Cristiano Ronaldo and Brazilian striker, Ronaldo will be playable as loan for five games. Based on early demos, Xbox Project Scorpio should be capable of 4K video and gaming and 60 frames per second gaming.

Expect to see more about the Scorpio at E3 next week.

Always the surprise, Nintendo's pretty good about keeping their presentation and revelations under wraps.

E3 is nearly here- which means it is now time for us all to enjoy what is undoubtedly the gaming equivalent of Christmas. Yeah, I know, right?

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has said he believes the new console will "truly move Xbox forward". Microsoft is aiming to try and win the event by officially showing off their new Scorpio console, but it looks like they'll have a lot more than just a console to show off. It'll get started at 2PM Pacific Time (5PM Eastern) this Sunday, and there's a few things that are confirmed (or all but confirmed) to show up - plus some titles that we definitely won't be seeing. "But to show [unfinished, and potentially buggy games] to the consumer who you're asking to shell out $60 this fall, it's a much riskier proposition".