Marches against Islamic law to be held in many US cities

Marches against Islamic law to be held in many US cities

In New York City, the pro-Trump nationalist group The Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers militia movement are participating in the local march and in favour of what they deem "free speech".

The group is organizing "March Against Sharia, March for Human Rights" in 28 cities on Saturday. "This March Against Sharia will be against Sharia law and for human rights".

The event spurred multiple counter protests nearly immediately.

Demonstrations against Islamic law Saturday in cities across the US drew counter-protests by people who said they stoked unfounded fears and a distorted view of the religion. "They're saying anti-Sharia, but it's a mixture of anti-Sharia, Islamophobia and refugee hate kind of all in one".

In Seattle, opposing groups protested outside City Hall on Saturday, according to NBC affiliate KING 5.

"Demonstrators spell out "# No Muslim Ban" during the Boston Protest Against Muslim Ban and Anti-Immigration Orders to protest President Donald Trump's executive-order travel ban in Boston on January 29.

The Stand with Muslims march is scheduled for 9 Occidental Square.

At a rally on the steps of the Pennsylvania state capitol in Harrisburg, the atmosphere was tense, according to Reuters.

Organizers claim ACT has disingenuously branded the event a demonstration against Sharia and has "made it their mission to villainize Muslims, building a platform to perpetuate and promote the most hateful language imaginable".

"We don't want it imposed in this country", said Merav Levi, an Israeli immigrant.

Some commenters on the "Seattle Stands with our Muslim Neighbors" Facebook page who identified themselves as Muslim said they wish they could attend, but will stay away out of fear of the violence that may ensue.

But critics warn Gabriel's march is not patriotism but Islam-a-phobia.

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Act for America has long run counter to Sharia, which is a code derived from Islamic Holy Quran and meant to control the behavior and actions of Muslims.

New York City's march got under way about an hour late and involved some three dozen ACT supporters waving oversized American flags. We denounce this statement as contrary to our experience of the Muslim community locally and in the world in general. "And to say no to hate in our state - not tomorrow and not ever".

ACT initiated the "Stop Shariah Now" campaign in 2008.

Muslim leaders and others are concerned about anti-Shariah, or Islamic law, marches planned across the nation this weekend.

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) said there is not one area of the US where Sharia law is mandated on the American people.

Mansoor says Sharia are guidelines that Muslims live daily life by. It's just, I don't know. Sharia laws are principles that guide the behavior of observant Muslims.

Security is expected to be very tight at all the marches.

Gabriel turned down requests for comment over email and social media.

The largest number of people interested are in San Bernardino, with 231 slated to join.

The protests are set to happen on Lansing's south side and are led by a group called "Act for America".

Participating organizations will include the Council on American-Islamic Relations, PACT, the ACLU and Meet a Muslim, among many others. "We will not be intimidated, and today we are here to pledge that we will double down on our moral obligation to fight injustice and to hold this administration accountable for its role in furthering hate".