Cavs end Warriors perfect postseason run in Game 4

Cavs end Warriors perfect postseason run in Game 4

The Cavs set an NBA Finals record for most three pointers made in a game, connecting on 20 of their 33 three-point attempts at the end of the third quarter.

The Cavs also set a record for the number of three-point field goals made in a half - 13.

"We've got to find our edge next game", Curry said. "We're going to keep fighting". The Warriors were whistled for 12 fouls.

Normally a new collective bargaining agreement will address a perceived loss of parity in the league by making it tough for super teams to formulate but the way the Warriors have been built can't be regulated against. Sign up for the free DubsDaily newsletter.

On the back of the greatest ever finals three point shooting the Cleveland Cavaliers have forced a game five in the NBA Finals.

"You got to give them credit", Draymond Green said. So naturally, ex-NBA guys are popping up everywhere to claim that they-unlike the Cavaliers, featuring three superstars including one of the two greatest National Basketball Association players ever-could have beaten the Warriors.

Cleveland, determined not to watch the Warriors celebrate a championship on their home court for the second time in three seasons, came out flying with a record-setting 86 points in the first half to lead by 18. The Cavs have not played badly in the finals, but it is the brilliance of the Warriors, which has stood out in the NBA Finals.

The Cavs stars answered the call, with LeBron James providing a triple-double and Kyrie adding on 40 points to support the cause.

"It's kind of just comedy to me", Curry said Friday. "I think it was we played a desperate team on their home floor, a great team, with great players, and they came out and handed it to us".

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The Warriors have been favorites over the Cavaliers for the entirety of the series, but the lines got a little more favorable to Cleveland in Games 3 and 4.

Announcer Jeff Van Gundy addressed an issue in the first quarter that social media has been talking about all series, the Kardashian angle. That included some scuffles and controversies that almost escalated to ugly levels. The video board replayed the incident in slow motion, with the implication that Pachulia might have swiped at Shumpert's groin area. The Warriors got to within 11 in the fourth and were beaten back.

Steph Curry has been here before.

"He was jaw-jacking with Zaza and it was fake, man", West said.

"After calling the loose ball foul on Draymond Green, I noticed the reaction by coach Kerr and then assessed the technical foul", official John Goble told pool reporter Brian Mahoney after the game.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr dismissed talk of 16-0. One of the officials whistled for a technical. "That's water under the bridge", Green said. "Don't seem to be the sharpest people around".

The Cavaliers already accomplished a somewhat similar feat against the Warriors in the 2016 NBA Finals when they overcame a 3-1 series deficit to claim their first title in franchise history. "It's whatever you need to get yourself ready to play". "But we look forward to the challenge".

"Not something I'm thinking about", he said.