Britain votes: What next for the UK?

Britain votes: What next for the UK?

She insisted that she would stick to the Brexit timetable. The Northern Ireland party would will provide the necessary support and votes in the House of Commons.

May said the Conservatives - which secured the largest number of votes and the greatest number of seats - were the only party that alongside northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist could command a majority in parliament.

Steal the policies of Britain's "far right" - the U.K. Independence Party - and then steal their voters, too. Once this deal has been agreed Theresa May will resign, and soon we will see Boris Johnson leading Britain's negotiations with the EU.

But the election result meant it was unclear whether her plan to take Britain out of the bloc's single market and customs union could still be pursued.

Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka of the Czech Republic told Czech Television that "now it will be necessary to wait for who will form a government and what this government will bring to negotiations over Brexit", Reuters reports. "Whoever it is, they are going to have to make deals with other political parties, and nearly every other political party that has an MP in the new parliament wants a softer version of Brexit", says French. Mostly, the European Union mood was one of frustration that the already tough Brexit talks were likely to become only more hard. But even that arrangement seemed shaky.

Sanders congratulated Corbyn for running "a very positive and effective campaign" and said that in both the United Kingdom and US people want governments "that represent all the people, not just the 1 percent".

In May's camp, recriminations were immediate and stinging.

The critical damage Theresa May wreaked on her chances of winning the election during a disastrous campaign has been laid bare in a poll published by a senior Conservative donor.

"So, because of compulsory voting, because of how the electorate is structured, it would be very unwise for Australian Labor to take a lead from British Labour in how to tailor a message to the voters".

Sam Dastyari says Jeremy Corbyn's success shows that "Standing for something will always beat standing for nothing".

Labour made a net gain of 29 seats, improving its total to 262.

May had hoped the election would focus on Brexit, but that never happened, as both the Conservatives and Labour said they would respect voters' wishes and go through with the divorce.

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A grinning Jeremy Corbyn told the BBC he was ready to govern as a minority - in an interview with the BBC he even used the phrase "we won the election".

"It's a bit of a mess", Peter Morgan, 35, said in London.

"We don't know when Brexit talks start". At that point, polls predicted she would massively increase the slim majority she had inherited from Cameron. Her own position is no longer tenable and it is likely she will resign as Prime Minister in the coming week. It may well be able to form a minority government with the help of Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party in the coming days and weeks, but the prime minister's ability to cling to the keys of Number 10 Downing Street is very much in doubt, and her stated goal of unifying the country behind her ahead of the upcoming Brexit negotiations with European Union leaders is utterly out of reach.

May wasn't the only big loser.

Rather than establishing clarity, this shock election result has created a kind of chaos - and yet more uncertainty in terms of reaching a reasonable deal on Brexit. Its casualties included Alex Salmond, one of the party's highest-profile lawmakers. Those Conservative lawmakers, such as Ruth Davidson, the leader of the Scottish Conservatives, a rising political star, who favor a softer Brexit will have to be placated.

European leaders grappled with the question: what next?

"This election is a rejection of May and hard Brexit", tweeted Alastair Campbell, a onetime adviser to former Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair. "Let's put our minds together on striking a deal", Michel Barnier said.

The Labour Party leadership is making preparations for a Queen's Speech to be presented alongside Mrs May's official programme at the State Opening of Parliament on June 19.

May, who went into the election with a reputation for quiet competence, was criticized for a lackluster campaigning style and for a plan to force elderly people to pay more for their care, a proposal her opponents dubbed the "dementia tax".

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