Apple adds external GPU support, now selling $599 VR development kit

Apple adds external GPU support, now selling $599 VR development kit

The new version of the MacOS is called High Sierra. With High Sierra, Apple is bringing the new Apple File System to macOS.

To be clear, APFS isn't new.

Fast forward two years later to this week; Apple has made a slew of VR announcements including new computers that do indeed meet Oculus' recommended hardware requirements. While there have been a handful of exceptions over the years - often only when major GPU refresh cycles happened to precisely coincide with Mac refresh cycles - the GPU performance available in a Mac has vastly lagged what you can buy in a PC. There is an update of JavaScript which will autoblock ads while watching a video.

The Apple File System (APS) is not entirely new as it has appeared on macOS and other Apple devices since the WWDC 2016.

APFS won't make the Finder look different, but it should provide better performance: tasks like displaying the size of a folder or duplicating a large file should go far more quickly.

Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation setup for macOS 10.13 High Sierra. Developers can now grab the developer beta of the macOS High Sierra.

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Apple previewed the macOS High Sierra on Tuesday at WWDC, and the latest software boasts of core storage, video and graphics enhancement. Many features include behind-the-scene updates to make your Mac and its apps faster, more secure and more enjoyable.

You'll be able to customize all these features on a per-site basis, and the same applies to page zoom, location services, notifications, and content blockers. However, we have good news and bad news for anyone looking to use the technology.

Another new element that's worth mentioning is preferredUserInterfaceStyle, which gives the developer the ability to work better with different themes, and choose a theme if it's unspecified by the user. Its Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP), which is built into the new OS, uses machine learning to segregate cross-site scripting data.

It will take some time for the latter to bed in so it's impossible to tell how useful the feature will prove over time, but the video blocking worked perfectly. Just right-click on the address bar and select the "Settings for this Website" dropdown menu to access the auto-play options. There's also a new split-screen view in the Mail app. Apart from this, there is a new update to its Mail app which will bring a number of improvements to make the Apple app as your default mailing app. Photos now supports external editors, so Photoshop, Pixelmator and other apps can launch directly within Photos, with edits saved back to the Photos library. Apple has also improved Faces, so when you put effort into categorising and naming people, that's now synchronised automatically across your devices.

There's plenty more, too.