Jeremy Paxman hits May with brutal Brexit 'blowhard' jibe

"This auto crash interview shows Jeremy Corbyn isn't up to the job of leading our country through the challenges ahead - he is simply too big a risk to take".

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was unable to provide the cost of his party's key manifesto plans to roll out free care to all two to four-year-olds on Tuesday morning. Some of her responses about her views on slashing the safety net drew jeers from the audience.

May was asked by the Daily Mirror if the joke and her "increasingly personal attacks" on Corbyn was a sign a of her "increasingly desperation" as Labour has surged in the polls in recent days.

There has been anger within the party at plans in the manifesto to reform social care, only for Mrs.

She said budgets were now being protected for both counter-terrorism forces and overall policing.

For the past two years that picture has been largely negative.

"We will get a deal", the Labour leader said, when asked if he was considering walking out of the European Union without reaching one. He continues, "Labour want to build more homes, more council houses and things like that".

The conservative leader called for the snap election as an expression of full public support for the new government that will begin the Brexit negotiations on June 19.

British Prime Ministerc campaigns for more welfare cuts and curbs to benefits for some immigrants, revealing her conservative party's election platform on Thursday.

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Simply being put in front of the cameras isn't enough by itself. "Certainly, democracies need their media to challenge power and offer robust debate, but when this transgresses into an antagonism that undermines legitimate political voices that dare to contest the current status quo, then it is not democracy that is served".

The stumble came as the Labour leader and Theresa May resumed election campaigning following a live TV debate.

Matthew Champion's tweet appeared to have a sarcastic air about it as he wrote: "Great to see Paxman quizzing Corbyn on the pressing issues of the election like the Falklands and abolishing the monarchy".

Questions that might have floored other politicians seemed to bounce straight off as he kept his composure throughout.

The then Labour leader was asked whether he had the experience and weight to lead the country. In politics tone always matters as much, if not more than, content and last night Corbyn's performance was tone-perfect. He got the audience laughing with him.

"We are doing the right thing in making a success of Brexit", she said, vowing to maintain her reputation as a "bloody hard woman" during talks with European Union leaders if her party wins the election and keeps power.

But Mrs May had a clear supporter in the form of Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, who tweeted: "Jezza was dodging questions & denying his past". At several points, she was heckled and even laughed at by the audience as she fell back on her anti-Corbyn attack lines.

"The Prime Minister brought it back to the fundamentals - who is going to get the best Brexit deal, and in doing so who will be able to secure our economy, our public services and our national security".