Corey Davis picked 5th in the NFL Draft

Corey Davis picked 5th in the NFL Draft

With the fifth pick overall, the Titans took Corey Davis, a wide receiver from Western Michigan.

Jon Robinson insists he's ready for his second National Football League draft as general manager of the Tennessee Titans.

While Davis going at No. 5 messed up a few mock drafts, it turned out to be a needed move, because it started a run on wide receivers.

Palmer is a nice, versatile player that can save you a roster spot on game day.

Other players who could be late draft picks for undrafted free agents include Wayne State guard Nate Theaker who was an American Football Coaches Association Division II first-team All-American and Saginaw Valley State safety Matt McKoy who was the GLIAC Defensive Back of the Year.

"We'll work something out", Mariota said with a smile.

More so than in previous drafts, we can expect a ton of wheeling and dealing on Thursday night. Davis is the Tennessee Titans' top draft pick.

"I am excited", Mariota said during a Titans Caravan stop at the Fort Campbell PX. "I kind of take that attitude as I take the field and do whatever I can to get a little extra yard because every inch matters". "He'll be competitive. He's a competitive guy. He has a great family and a great foundation and I am looking forward to playing with him".

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The 6-foot, 193-pound Lattimore was the first cornerback selected.

Seven years ago, though, not many expected Davis to hold such distinctions.

Jackson was a starter for his three seasons at USC and put up numbers on defense, offense and special teams. He has a quick, shifty style and can get deep and turn small gains into big ones with his run-after-catch ability. But as far as potentially being able to protect for Marcus, it's going to be great.

For the first time since 1979, the Titans bypassed both the Southeastern Conference and the Big Ten in the draft. "I think you just have to be disciplined in your technique and disciplined in your fundamentals and understanding what's going on in the game". Like the saying, "Iron sharpens iron". Davis is adept at evading contact with the ball in his hands and can rapidly accelerate to top speed once he turns the corner.

Still, when somebody like Western Michigan's Corey Davis arrives on the scene, it's not easy for pro teams to evaluate him.

So which of these three guys will pan out the best? "I think Corey knew he could eventually become a first-round (pick)".

Grade: I'll give them a "B" with a chance to move into the "A" category.