Trump won't get House OK of health bill before his 100th day

Trump won't get House OK of health bill before his 100th day

House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wis. spoke to reporters during a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington Thursday.

"There's no Democratic objection", Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-New York) told NBC News.

Hours before a midnight deadline, Congress averted a government shutdown - at least for now - ensuring that the lights will stay on in Washington as Donald Trump marks his 100th day in office.

The Republican health care bill, meanwhile, continues to face headwinds, particularly from centrist Republicans, after leaders embraced an amendment created to appease conservative lawmakers.

Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and other House leaders downplayed the delay, saying they'd never publicly said there would be a vote this week.

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi warned that the objective of the stopgap measure was to tie up loose ends of a deal to provide around US$1 trillion in money for the fiscal year ending Sept 30 and not for "kicking the can down the road to have this same back-and-forth" over funding disputes.

The temporary spending bill keeps the government functioning through next Friday, to allow lawmakers time to wrap up negotiations on the larger measure.

The goal for next week is to pass the omnibus bill, but differences remain and leaders of the House and Senate Appropriations Committees are still haggling over the final points - with input from bipartisan leadership and the White House.

"We can't afford to go to the country in 2018 with a Republican president, Republican Senate and Republican House and say 'well we just couldn't get it done, '" said GOP Rep. Tom Cole of Oklahoma. "Federal departments and agencies have been operating on outdated funding levels and policies for more than half of the year". Our readers may remember her as one of the "Republicans" who was endorsed a year ago by Nikki Haley - Trump's recently reined in ambassador to the United Nations.

Obamacare is dead; Pence holds out hope for replacement by year's end
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said bargainers were "very close" to completing the $1 trillion budget package. The GOP can only afford to lose 21 depending on attendance. " The MacArthur Amendment helped in that regard", says Hice.

The White House had pressured GOP leaders to push legislation replacing President Barack Obama's health care law through the House this week, in time to give Trump bragging rights about it.

President Donald Trump has a new Twitter feud and not with a specific person but the island officials of Puerto Rico. "We have not yet made any decisions on a vote", he said.

The provision would allow states to waive numerous regulations Obamacare slapped on insurers, which are some of the most popular parts of the law, including mental health coverage, maternity coverage and a ban on charging higher rates for patients with pre-existing conditions.

The overall legislation would cut the Medicaid program for the poor, eliminate Obama's fines for people who don't buy insurance and provide generally skimpier subsidies.

Besides not finishing the $1 trillion measure, the House GOP abandoned hopes of giving Trump a victory on health care before his 100th day.

Lawmakers say they are moving closer to a final bill, but say there are still several hard issues to come to terms with, including defense spending. Trump is insisting on extra military funding, among other things, but has backed down on priorities including money for a border wall in the near term.

Representative Charlie Dent, a moderate Republican from Pennsylvania, said he still had problems with the latest plan and suspected there were not enough votes to pass it.

"The legislation should pass today and it will carry us through next week so that a bipartisan agreement can be reached", Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said at the opening of the Senate's session, noting cooperation from Democrats.