Starting with Bears, surprises galore on Day 1 of NFL draft

The Bears gave up a huge haul of draft picks to slide up that one slot, sending their third-round and fourth-round picks this weekend and their third-rounder in 2018 to the San Francisco 49ers.

Both of those defensive players went on to have Hall of Fame careers in the league, something Trubisky hopes to do with the Bears. And while the Bears could be in worse spots than having two young quarterbacks to develop, trading for Trubisky comes at a price, as noted by Rapoport. A less generous (and probably more realistic) reading of the situation is the Bears suffered a spasm of quarterback panic. Again, Trubisky could turn out to be a good pro, but the way Chicago pulled off this deal did not put him in a position to succeed.

"I didn't see that coming at all".

Despite the need for talent at many roster spots, the fact the Bears would draft a quarterback wasn't a complete shock. Kansas City moved from 27 to 10 for Patrick Mahomes of Texas Tech. The Chiefs traded up for the ultimate project. I certainly don't think so. Thankfully the good folks at SportsCenter bleeped out the profanity, but the uncut versions are widely available on Twitter.

One controversial pick was Ohio State cornerback Gareon Conley, who was drafted by Oakland at No. 24. If, say, the Cleveland Browns wanted to move from #36 from #52, that could get the Bears back in the mid-round game. On draft night, they always tune in.

The top of the draft was predictable: Roger Goodell got booed, then Myles Garrett was picked first by the Cleveland Browns.

Lovren pens long-term deal at Liverpool
The mistakes mounted up against the Reds on Sunday and the Eagles let the Kop know it, Klopp's side looked terrible . Can will have just 12 months remaining on his contract at the end of the season but has yet to sign an extension.

It is hard to gameplan for a quarterback with so many unknowns. Two more Crimson Tide players went in the next three picks: DE Jonathan Allen to Washington and tight end O.J. Howard to Tampa Bay. Just one month ago, Allen was a consensus top five pick but slid due to concerns with his shoulder injury.

Indianapolis Colts: The Colts selection of Malik Hooker at 15 is a close runner-up to the Redskins in terms of "steal of the draft".

Linebacker Leonard Floyd, drafted ninth overall previous year, showed some promise with seven sacks as a rookie.

As for the 49ers, the trade represents an early triumph for a regime led by a first-time head coach and general manager. Thomas will be a hugely disruptive force along an already talented 49er defensive front. Well, at least he won't mind losing to them twice a year every year. "He's very athletic. He can extend the play".

This is the third eye-opening QB move the Bears have made this off-season. Whether that other team would have selected Trubisky or whether the 49ers would have accepted that offer is unclear, but obviously, the Bears were forced to up the ante on their offer.

With the trade that took place for the Chicago Bears, they gave themselves a window of time as the rebuilding process has earnestly begun.