Texas governor gives first clear support for 'bathroom bill'

Texas governor gives first clear support for 'bathroom bill'

Last week, Senate President Pete Kelly, R-Fairbanks, sent a letter to House Speaker Bryce Edgmon, D-Dillingham, asking him to keep the agenda limited in overtime. It drew support from rural Republicans and Democrats, even though it would require the Legislature to pump tens of millions of additional dollars into schools beginning in the years after this session's budget is approved.

The Texas House is considering a bill that's different than one that sparked outcry when it cleared the state Senate last month. The prospect of Texas passing a bathroom bill was languishing before Abbott issued a statement this week backing the House proposal, which supporters say mirrors a recent compromise in North Carolina. "We refuse to mislead the people of SC with a seemingly easy solution that will do nothing for our state roads". They are dying for action. Huberty said the bill is not a total fix, but it's a start. Districts with higher property tax rates would get more money than those with lower property tax rates. Our highways were built largely with such a user fee, the gasoline tax. But I do not think this issue is going away anytime soon, and we may always be fighting this issue.

After a four-hour discussion of more than 30 proposed amendments, the House voted 134-16 to tentatively accept its top education leader's plan to inject $1.6 billion into public schools, simplify the complex formulas for allocating that money, and target certain disadvantaged student groups for more funding. "White is well-intentioned", one of the opponents Shira Goodman said, "I think that this is going to make it more risky".

Bakk said he doesn't see a special session happening this year, nor a government shut down.

"I'm in negotiations with the Senate", Rodrigues, R-Estero, said. They must pass one more committee before floor votes. It's not based on what highways need fix. More than 100 people registered to testify.

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Sen. Dick Barrett, D-Missoula, agreed with Regier. If the state's gas tax of 16.75 cents had kept pace with inflation, it would now be 34 cents a gallon. The meeting was only scheduled for 90 minutes, and, in the Senate, we can not extend that time. "We're helping people who have really valuable land up on Whitefish Lake", Cohenour said.

"The House amendment raised the fiscal note 28 percent over the version that left this chamber", Regier said.

"They are once again trying to distract us from fixing our roads", says Senator Sheheen.

Senator Tom Davis, a Republican from Beaufort County, says he'll continue to fight for reform.