'Girls' Season 6 Spoilers: Hannah Gives Birth In Series Finale Episode

'Girls' Season 6 Spoilers: Hannah Gives Birth In Series Finale Episode

Grover hasn't been latching, and she feels like a failure for not being able to breastfeed and properly bond with him. Sound familiar? Hannah parents the young woman as if she were her own child and tells her no one will ever love her as unconditionally as her own mother. One minute Marnie was asking to help raise the baby with Hannah, and the next minute, the baby had arrived. During the penultimate segment, the four friends meet for likely the last time together on screen before parting ways: a very pregnant Hannah, about to go off to teach at a liberal arts school upstate; Shoshanna, newly engaged, having set up house and entered a different social circle; Marniem continuing to attempt to step out from under the weight of her own narcissistic personality after breaking from her drug addled ex husband and musical-partner, Desi; and Jessa regaining some measure of her free spirit. We knew that the baby's name was Grover Horvath before we knew that "Grover" was the fantasy name of [Hannah's] water-skiing f-buddy. Loreen walks in on Marnie having phone sex -"video tagging" - with a personal trainer from Weehawken. "It's a real challenge to the notion that once you are in NY, that you can't have a life and existence outside".

The pop-scored credits trend continues and evolves, in its final iteration, with a soundtrack of Grover cooing and Hannah singing "Fast Car" (It's catchy, OK?), so the last words spoken in the series are Hannah whispering to her baby, "I had a feeling I could be someone, be someone, be someone". Fed up with her daughter's self-pity and immaturity in the face of this new responsibility, Hannah's mom eventually explodes: "You know who else is in emotional pain?" Hannah brushed off any question of why she was lacking shoes and trousers, and as if on cue, Grover started crying. I think we definitely show both sides of it.

"Girls" Season 6, episode 10 aired its series finale episode on Sunday, and it featured a five-month time jump.

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She tries, again and again, he won't take to it, so she resumes using the bottle. Marnie and Loreen are there sitting on the porch, and they have every right to be pissed off at her. No, she didn't apologize to her mother or Marnie, who was there helping her, but she was back on track. We saw how the romantic notion that Hannah and Marnie could raise Grover together devolved into a nightmare of codependency and parallel loneliness.

Grover latched onto her breast, and she latched onto adulthood.

If you were disappointed by the "Girls" series finale, you are not alone. And thanks to a chat with Hannah's mom, she realized she needed to figure out what she wanted. "I can't say the first day I directed them making out that it wasn't hard", said Dunham. And while she was the sentimental one who wanted to keep the group in tact, her actions - not really talking to Hannah in her time of need, among other things - proved otherwise. "I'm doing my best, I'm reading all the books, but honestly, it's too much - and you're not even acting that mature". In many cases, there is literally no way to do it right, which is why even the most self-assured woman can fall victim to fears that she's somehow failing at being a mother. The episode opens with Marnie wrapped around Hannah in bed-a throwback to the series premiere-but we're not in Greenpoint anymore, we're at Hannah's new, lovely home upstate. "And then you realize how little other people's perceptions of your identity actually have to do with you". That doesn't feel super self-actualized, so it would be amusing because the audience would be like, "Hanna and Adam are my one true pair, that's my platonic ideal of love", and I would be like, "I want to get together with you and talk this trough with you". Hannah's newfound mothering instincts kick in, giving the girl her trousers - of course, it wouldn't be a proper close to the series without a shot of Hannah in her underwear - and telling her that she's a safe person who can help her. Marnie's wild-eyed pitch is that all of Hannah's other friends have abandoned her and Marnie is the one who remains, so she wins the title of best friend and the dubious honor of being a stand-in parent. Lena Dunham, you are incredible. It's her facing her new life, her new role, her new beginning, a brilliant shot, a flawless ending. The ending was bright and attractive - it was Hannah in a victory of getting Grover to latch.