Are you prepared for Tax Day deadline?

Are you prepared for Tax Day deadline?

Firstly, 15 April was a Saturday this year.

"We actually have about 50,000 fewer who have filed as of today compared to a year ago", said Rauschenberger.

"With lower taxes on America's middle class and businesses, we will see a new surge of economic growth and development", Donald Trump said this month, expanding on an earlier promise to cut Uncle Sam's bill "massively".

There are post office locations offering later hours tomorrow night to help you make deadline.

Gifford: Tax Day not what it used to be.

The tax for lacking insurance started out at just $95 or 1 percent of qualified income in 2014, but it phased into full effect a year ago, at $695 or 2.5 percent of income.

It's also important to make sure you are filing out your return correctly.

"You can just sit in your pajamas or your underwear and use TurboTax", Brad Smith, chief executive of parent company Intuit Inc., said in an interview with Bloomberg.

In addition, 72 percent knew that taxes are due on April 18. Once you learn how to maximize your Social Security benefits, we think you could retire confidently with the peace of mind we're all after.

At TurboTax, the end of season is an "all hands on deck" situation, according to Intuit spokeswoman Julie Miller. W.; Rainbow Senior Center at 211 N. Third Ave.

In a nutshell, it's the general consensus among USA citizens and politicians of all age groups, income levels, and political affiliations, that the wealthy should pay more into the system than the poor.

Most taxpayers can qualify for the general automatic tax extension from the IRS if they can't file their tax returns by the due date.

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The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) is confident the agency would meet its collection target for April as it reminded all taxpayers that late settlement of their income tax return (ITR) would entail penalties and surcharges.

To avoid late filing charges, Jaen called on local taxpayers here to settle their obligations. The general process to request a tax deadline extension is the same whether you file taxes online or by mail.

If you've waited until the last minute to file your taxes, you're not alone.

If you're overseas and don't plan to return to the USA until after April, you're best served to file an extension.

On a national scale, the analysis calculated that the plan would create at least 1,687,000 full-time jobs and raise the after-tax income of median households by $4,917 on average.

Then there are the people who don't ever file.

For whatever reason, those who have delayed filing will need to take action by midnight Tuesday.

Finally, if you just want to procrastinate.

Only people with longstanding tax debts going back several years will be contacted. About 6 percent of USA taxpayers are breaking the law by not filing, according to an analysis by economic consultant Brian Erard.

The BIR requires individual taxpayers to file their returns via the e-BIR forms, which can be downloaded and filled up by accessing the BIR website.

It's generally not a good idea to stiff the IRS. Big corporations and the wealthy must pay more in taxes than they pay now, so we can build an economy that works for all of us.