Get Ready for Doctor Who Season 10 with Three New Behind-the-Scenes Videos

Get Ready for Doctor Who Season 10 with Three New Behind-the-Scenes Videos

British actor Peter Capaldi, in costume as Doctor Who, and Pearl Mackie as his new companion Bill Potts, pose with a replica of the TARDIS, to promote the new Doctor Who TV series on the Southbank in London, Wednesday April 12, 2017.

Death in Paradise star Kris Marshall has reportedly been handed the keys to the TARDIS already after being cast as the thirteenth Doctor.

This year's premiere, called The Pilot, is the first time since 2011 that a new series of Doctor Who has begun in the spring rather than the autumn.

Who needs pens when you've got that many sonics, eh? And they are basically the Rebel Alliance to the Empire of the Daleks. The attraction between them is immediate, but the budding romance is suddenly ended when Heather falls victim to a lurking alien menace.

Here's hoping nobody has to do a Clara and face the raven this time around, eh? EH? It was desperate to slip the surly bonds of Earth, but to do so (and I'm still a bit hazy on the exact science) it seemed to need some extra human energy... Nope? Just us then. In the first, she enters the Doctor's office at the fictional St. Luke's University in Bristol, where the Time Lord has been posing as a professor of just about everything for quite some time.

"As an actor I'm interested in trying to keep things vigorous and alive, and this didn't happen this year but I was anxious that if I carried on I would find myself running out of ideas about how you do it".

There has been a big reaction since it was revealed that the character, Bill, will come out as gay in the long-running BBC sci-fi show. But all Bill wants to know is what he's been lecturing about for so long, a far more intriguing question than the basic inquiries people usually get hung up on when faced with the Doctor's quirks. It also, briefly reached deep into the show's distant past by bringing Bill and the Doctor into the 1979 4th Doctor adventure "Destiny of the Daleks".

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While the future of Doctor Who spin-off Class may be in doubt, the production team are at least getting some use out of its props. Are you going to miss Capaldi as the Doctor? Hopefully he asked before borrowing it...

You've made history, as the first female Master.

10 This is the last series for Steven too, before Broadchurch writer Chris Chibnall takes the reins.

"You will be blown away".

"That's trans-dimensional engineering", replies the Doctor. After Bill says goodbye to the watery alien (an emotional scene nearly reduced to a joke by an ill-timed remark from Nardole), who takes on the form of Heather, the Doctor fails to notice the tears falling down her cheeks.

The time-honoured, time-travelling saga has achieved cult status, yet Mackie admitted she wasn't a Whovian before getting the role and didn't realize how big the show was globally.